Playlist in Playlist


Playlists are at the core of your Play Digital Signage content. Each playlist consists of one or more slides, and you can also put playlists in playlists to create different zones.


  • Aspect ratio (AR) – is the ratio of the display’s width and height, typically displays are in 16:9 AR, with some monitors in 16:10. If you want to use display in portrait, you should also create a playlist in portrait aspect ratio 9:16.  You can also enter custom aspect ratio if you have a screen (LED display for an example) in non-standard resolution. Our software is resolution agnostic, that means the playlist is scaled as much as possible without skewing the images, be that 720p, 1080p (fullHD) or 4K resolution.
    Select the appropriate aspect ratio when creating your playlists









  • Maximum playlist duration [advanced] – Limits how long the playlist can be. This option is oriented towards content creators who sell specific time slots on their screens. The idea is that display owners can sell their customer a fixed time slot (say 60 second playlist) and share it to the customer, so they can design it themselves. This way the display owner only schedules the playlist and it is up to customer to design the playlist without the need of the display owner being involved in creating/uploading/managing the content.
  • Interaction delay [advanced] – This option may be useful on touch displays or kiosk with user input. Imagine a scenario where you have a user workflow with several options and on one slide you ask users to fill out a web form (f.x Welcome->Info->Web form). You don’t know how long it takes users to fill out the form, but you also want the display to reset the flow to the beginning if user abandons the form. This option will delay next slide playback by the specified amount of seconds, so that the player will not start playing next slide if the user is in the middle of filling out a web form or interacting with a slide.
  • Randomize slides [advanced] – Plays slides in random order. Please note that selecting this option will override any individual slide rules such as ‘After this slide play slide 2’. If you plan to use schedules with several playlists to be played in a sequence, a playlist is considered “done” when the last slide is played, therefore once the last last slide is randomized, the player will continue with the next playlist in the sequence.


How do I delete a playlist?

When you are in the playlists page, click on the settings button  and down below in the dialog you’ll find the button to delete the playlist.

I can not delete a playlist?

It is only possible to delete a playlist if it is not assigned to any group. If you get an error message while trying to delete a playlist, go to the groups page and make sure that no groups (or schedules within a group) reference the playlist. You can either delete the groups/schedules or assign a different playlist to the group.

How can I move slides between playlists?

You can move the slide to slide stash, this will create a copy of the slide. Then navigate to your destination playlist and drag the slide from stash to the playlist. This clip demonstrates on how to use it:


How to create a slide per asset so I don’t have to do it one-by-one?

Check out the multi create functionality in Slide support page.

How to change aspect ratio?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change aspect ratio of a playlist once it’s been created. The reason is that the content would get skewed if it was possible – imagine a playlist with 1:1 aspect ratio (a square) and now if you’d change the ratio to 2:1 (a rectangle), it would skew width twice as much.

If you have created a playlist in wrong aspect ratio, you have to create new playlist, but you can speed up the process of creating the slides by copy-pasting elements in the slide. You can drag the slides to slide stash, then drag the stashed slide into a new playlist with correct aspect ratio. Beware that the slide will have the old aspect ratio, but now you can select all elements on the slide (shift-clicking or click-dragging), copying them (CTRL + C) and pasting to the slide with correct aspect ratio. When you’ve copied all elements, you can remove the slide you dragged from stash (the slide with incorrect AR).