Getting started

6 easy steps

Getting Started - Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up at

Go sign up using Facebook, Google Microsoft, or simply a username and password.

Getting Started - Step 2 - Connect your player

Connect your player

Connect your player using a standard HDMI cable (Some TV’s have a player built-in)

Getting Started - Step 3 - Download

Download our APP

Download our APP either in the player store (Google Store, Amazon, etc.) or from our website (Windows, Mac OSX, etc.)

Getting Started - Step 4 - Link your screen

Link the APP

Go to Screen, hit Add screen, and use the code from the TV to link your TV.

Getting Started - Step 5 - Design your content

Design your content

Go to Playlists, hit Create Playlist, and design your content.

Getting Started - Step 6 - Link playlist

Link your playlist

Go to Groups & Schedules, pick your playlist in the group’s base playlist

Adding your first screen Link

Getting Started Link

Setup Link

We support most operating systems out there. In this section, you’ll find the pages for each available operating system, and where to find the APP for your operating system, how to install and all the tweaks you might need.