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Since the very beginning of Play Digital Signage, we have always kept a tight circle of the best partners in our industry. In this section, you’ll find the partners we work with and those we refer customers to. Each one is an important part of our software and team.


Visiontech’s company concept was simple by today’s standards– design and build dynamic lighted signage that could be programmed to show different messages, employ the highest quality components available, and offer what our future competition still cannot match today– lifetime bespoke technical support for every display built, and the best product warranties in the business. Visiontech designed and built the world’s first programmable displays using arrays of incandescent bulbs (yes, the same kind we all once primarily used to light our homes), connected to a DOS-based controller, running a program that controls power supplies, and in specific sequences could control specific bulbs in an array to turn on or off depending on the message the user wished to convey.


Indoor LED Displays
LED Totems
Outdoor LED Displays

Activate The Space

Activate The Space has been around for 15+ years and still feel like they are just getting started. With several projects under their belts with retailTV, Chris Pelzar left Panasonic in 2005 and formed a consulting and project entity specializing in Digital Signage design and deployments. With great success, Chris Pelzar was hired as a consultant to The Miami Dolphins for negotiating a purchase of some (5,000) Flat Panel Displays for their newly renovated Dolphins Stadium project.

Activate The Space

Activate The Space is a partner at Play Digital Signage
LED Walls & Structures
Audio Systems
Creative Content
Touch Control System

We Play Well With Friends

At Play Digital Signage, we know how important it is for our customers to have the freedom they need when it comes to digital signage media players, SmartTVs, and operating systems. These are brands we know, love, refer to, and support.


Sony is a household name and they have an entire line of professional digital signage displays called BRAVIA. The Sony BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are slim and energy efficient with bright displays and 4K HDR images. They also have easy operation, low ownership costs, and extensive integration options.

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Samsung, another top brand in the market, has a digital signage display solution for every business big and small. From a 4K Pro TV or a 4K UHD display to LED video walls, 8K QLED displays, outdoor, and even interactive and touch displays, there’s something for everyone.

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Samsung Digital Signage


LG digital signage displays deliver the dynamic digital signage content you have created with our software beautifully. With LG, you have the choice of standard LCD displays, OLED signage, outdoor or window-facing displays, and professional TVs. No matter your goal, LG has a digital signage display solution for you.

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LG Professional Display Solutions


The BrightSign digital signage player is one of the most trusted digital signage players on the market. They’ve won several awards such as Digital Signage Technology of the Year and Most Innovative Digital Signage Product. With over 2 million BrightSigns sold, it is easy to see why they are a favorite partner of ours.

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BrightSign Digital Signage Solution


Philips digital signage displays are designed for maximum impact with high brightness and clear resolution. Philips offers seven different lines of digital signage display solutions each with their own unique features and pricing. We love flexibility for our customers and Philips understands everyone has different needs!

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Philips Professional Display Solutions


Infinitus digital signage displays are the go-to for outdoor and harsh environment digital signage solutions. They are an expert manufacturer of LCD screens for any outdoor conditions. Their imotion line is a top-seller, but Infinitus also prioritizes custom products for those that need distinct and unique solutions.

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Infinitus Outdoor Display Solutions




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