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What is Free Digital Signage & Where Can You Find It?

Blogpost was published on March 4, 2024

Can you really get free digital signage? Well, the short answer is yes, but there’s more to it. Today, we’re here to give you all of the options when it comes to free digital signage plus we will go over what free digital signage even is, the perks (besides saving money!), a few downsides, and how to get started. 

Free Digital Signage

What is Free Digital Signage?

To understand what free digital signage is, we first need to break down the components of a digital signage setup. First, you have the digital screen which displays the content you have created. The second component is digital signage content management software. The content management software is where you upload, edit, create, and schedule your digital signage content. Finally, we have the last piece to the puzzle which is a digital signage media player.

Now, when you hear about free digital signage, most of the time, it's talking about free content management systems, rather than the entire setup. In this case, you would still need to source a media player and a screen. However, if you already have a smart TV, you could pair that with a free content management system and have a completely free DIY digital signage solution.

The other things you might hear referred to as free digital signage are either cloud-based free trial signage in which you get access to just a free trial of a digital signage content management system or free digital signage features like cost-free screen scheduling, free signage widgets, free signage templates, or other free digital signage design tools. In these cases, you’ll still have to make room in your budget, but you’ll be getting various aspects for free either for as long as you want or in the case of a trial, for however long the promotion is.

The Perks of Going With Free Digital Signage

Now that we know what free digital signage is, let’s talk about why you might opt for a free version or various free digital signage tools, besides the money you’ll save of course!

Try It Out Risk-Free

If you are new to the digital signage world, you may not want to shell out a bunch of money to invest in digital signage when you haven’t seen whether it will even be beneficial for your business and unique situation. That is the perfect case to try free digital signage because you get to see the benefits before you have to shell out the dough.

Invest in Other Aspects

It’s rather obvious that free digital signage saves you money, but one of the perks of saving that money is that you can use it to invest in other aspects. What do we mean? Well, you could choose to opt for a higher-end digital signage player, pay for professional graphic design for your content, or opt for a touchscreen rather than just a simple digital screen. Of course, you could also use that money you save to invest in other aspects of your business, too, not just digital signage components.

Scale Easier

Free digital signage also enables you to scale more easily. Again, because you have saved money with one element of digital signage, it makes it easier to scale since you can utilize that money to add more screens.

Downsides of Free Digital Signage

Free digital signage is a fantastic solution, but like all things, there are some downsides. Let’s talk about them. 

Fewer Features

While you save money upfront, free solutions might have fewer fancy features compared to paid ones. You could be limited in the features of the software when you are on a free plan or free trial. For instance, the free plan may only allow certain types of content or plugins. Despite this, depending on your goals, you may not need all the bells and whistles that come with the paid plans. It is just something to consider before making your decision.

Can Be Limited Time

In addition to fewer features, free digital signage can be for a limited time, especially when you choose a free trial option. This can mean that you eventually have to make room in the budget to continue your setup. However, it can be nice to not have to invest all at once even if you have to pay at some point.

Watermarks or Limited Screens

Free digital signage can also often come with the caveat of watermarks on your content or a limit on the number of screens you can have. With paid plans, you’ll never have a watermark and typically, you can have an unlimited amount of screens depending on the solution you opt for.

Free Digital Signage with Play Digital Signage

Here at Play Digital Signage, we have tried to make the transition into using digital signage as seamless and affordable as possible. This is why we offer a free digital signage solution as well as a ton of free digital signage design tools. Below we’ll dive into all the features of Play Digital Signage’s free opportunities.

No Time Limits

Though we have a paid plan, we offer 10 free trial screens without any time limit. This means you get full access to the Play Digital Signage software for one screen to use as you wish for as long as you want. We don’t even collect your credit card information. You simply have to enter some basic information like your name and email, and you’ll be ready to get started!

Free Digital Signage Design Tools

In addition to offering our software for free for an unlimited amount of time, we also have incorporated a lot of free digital signage design tools. For instance, you’ll have access to royalty-free media, plugins, and more at no cost. We also have incorporated a powerful content editor within our management system so you don’t have to pay for a third-party content editor to design your content. All of these things allow you to make your content fabulous without any money out of your pocket.

No Restricted Features

As we mentioned above, with our cloud-based free trial signage, we never limit any of our features. This means you’ll get every one of our dozens of features, just as you would with the paid plan for up to ten screens.

Easy To Setup & Use

Free isn’t exactly a good thing if you can’t figure out how to use it! We have made a point to ensure it is easy to get set up and use our software. That’s why you’ll have resources like setup guides for every major operating system, a simple sign-up process, and a user-friendly dashboard layout. We have also created a comprehensive online help section that will walk you through how to use all of our major features as well. 

Wide Compatibility

In an effort to save you more money, Play Digital Signage is also compatible with a wide variety of hardware. This allows you to utilize hardware you may already have, or save by purchasing a cheaper hardware solution.

Get Started Free with Play Digital Signage

Ready to try digital signage without breaking the bank? With Play Digital Signage, you can get started for free with no time limits and no credit card required. Whether you're new to digital displays or looking to upgrade, our user-friendly platform offers unlimited access to features and free design tools like royalty-free media and plugins. Plus, our wide hardware compatibility means you can use what you already have or find a budget-friendly option. Don't miss out – see what digital signage can do for your business sign up today without spending a dime!

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