Our Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are integrations that improve functionality and engagement. 

Lucky for you, we have several that we constantly update to have all of the latest features. We regularly add new ones, too. Don’t see your favorite? Contact us using our easy chat feature so we can add it!

Plugins for digital signage
Image Plugin


Image enables you to add images in several different formats to your content. With the images plug-in, change the opacity of your image, re-size them, and much more. 

Video Plugin


Use a video from your own local storage. The video plug-in will download the videos to your player so there’s no interruption during playback.

Youtube Plugin


If you don’t have your own videos, use the Youtube plug-in to use videos directly from Youtube in your content.

Pixabay Plugin


The Pixabay plug-in provides stunning professional photos, videos, and illustrations without the dreaded royalties.​

Unsplash Plugin


Unsplash is another fantastic royalty-free photo plug-in to give you endless options.

GIPHY Plugin


Need something a little extra in your content? The GIPHY plug-in provides royalty-free GIF animations.

RSS Ticker

RSS Ticker

RSS ticker is built on top of our existing ticker module, but instead of writing text that scrolls from left to right, you provide the plugin with your URL to the RSS feed. 

RSS Reader

RSS Reader

The RSS Reader displays both text and images from any RSS feed.

Media RSS


MediaRSS is a plugin for the RSS standard to include images and video in the feed. It opens up for various integrations with content providers.

Stream Plugin


Stream is LIVE streaming based on one of the best known streams in the world. Stream uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol making it possible to easily add live streaming to your content.

Website Plugin


HTML 5 is a website plug-in and is the easiest way to integrate external content. Add a link to a URL or paste HTML code. 

Google Slides Plugin

Google Slides

Embed your content from Google Slides using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Docs Plugin

Google Docs

Embed your content from Google Docs using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Sheets Plugin

Google Sheets

Embed your content from Google Sheets using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Calendar Plugin

Google Calendar

Embed your calendar from Google Cal using our HTML5 website plugin.

Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps

Embed Google Maps content using our HTML5 website plugin.

Button Plugin


Allow people to interact with your content. The button plug-in gives you the option to add clickable buttons that navigate to a slide of your choice. This plug-in is perfect for touchscreens! 

Facebook Post Plugin

Facebook Posts

We know you spent hours updating and making sure your Facebook page looks interesting, so why not drag all that content on to your signage screens? 

Facebook Photo Plugin

Facebook Photo

Display any photo gallery from Facebook. Make your content come alive. 

Twitter Plugin


Would you like to see the tweets of a particular profile, hashtag or list in real-time? We got you covered with our intuitive and full-featured Twitter plugin.

Instagram Photo Plugin

Instagram Photo

Just like with Facebook Photo, use the Instagram Photo plug-in to showcase your gorgeous Instagram content. 

Instagram Hashtag Plugin

Instagram #

The Instagram Hashtag plug-in allows you to display content based on Instagram hashtags. For example, show photos that are tagged with your brand to show off your audience. 

Vimeo Plugin


You can embed Vimeo videos into your playlists using the HTML5 website plug-in HTML code option. 

Playlist in Playlist Plugin

Playlist in Playlist

With Playlist Plugin you can embed Play Digital Signage playlists into slides. We call these embedded playlists “sub-playlists” and the playlist that contains sub-playlists is referred to as master playlist.

Ticker Plugin


Easily catch your audience’s attention with moving text.

Clock Plugin


The Clock plug-in looks like an analog clock and shows the current time in your slide. 

Time and Date Plugin

Time and Date

Display the current date and/or time digitally with the Time and Date plug-ins. 

Counter Plugin


The yearly corporate trip is coming up, but how many days? Counter plugin can keep your viewers up-to-date on when is the next release, launch, event, etc.

Quote Plugin


The Quote plug-in keeps your content inspired. Choose quotes from one or even multiple categories.

Today in History Plugin

Today in History

Today in History displays interesting events that happened on this date in history. Choose between using more recent events or randomize them. 

Weather Plugin


What’s the weather like outside? Keep your audience informed about the latest forecasts with this state of the art weather plugin.

Compatible Platforms For Our App

Install Play Digital Signage on all major platforms!

Windows Digital Signage APP
Amazon Digital Signage APP
MAC OSX Digital Signage APP
Raspberry PI Digital Signage APP
Android Digital Signage APP
Chrome Digital Signage APP
Linux Digital Signage APP
Samsung Tizen digital signage app

Compatible Platforms For Our App

Install Play Digital Signage on all major platforms!

Windows digital signage
Mac OSX for digital signage
Android OS for digital signage
Chrome OS for digital signage
Amazon FireOS for digital signage
Linux for digital Signage
Raspberry PI for Digital Signage
Samsung Tizen SmartTV

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