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Don’t take our word for it. We have gathered some of the most useful reviews below and if you’ve already played around with our software you find links to where to review us. We’d love to hear your feedback!

G2 Review for digital signage
Google Review for digital signage
Capterra Review for digital signage
Facebook Review for digital signage
G2 Reviews
Capterra Reviews
Google Reviews
Facebook Reviews
Male Reviewer in the advertising industry

Sam M

Marketing Consultant

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Review in the advertising industry

Play Signage is Wonderful Tool for My Customers

There are several things I like. Lots of deployment platforms. Great support – Lars is great!. I can manage my customers’ screens from anywhere. The management screens are web-based. I get live feedback about deployment. The tools are reasonably intuitive….. except for one area … Read more @ G2

Female Reviewer in the hospitality industry


Administrator in Hospitality

Small-Business, (50 or fewer emp.)

Review in the hospitality industry


Play Digital Signage is very easy to use. I work in the hospitality industry and I use Play on a T.V. in our main hallway. This was a game-changer for our marketing and allows us to keep our Members informed on a daily basis. If I want to update this during the day it’s as simple as making the change and re-publishing to the screen. Perfect for the individual that has a lot going on and wants something that makes a huge impact and is very easy to use. … Read more @ Capterra

Male review in the payment industry

Aaron W @ iZettle

IT Support

Financial Services (201-500 emp.)

Review in the payment industry

Very clean, easy to use product with a fantastic customer support team.

What I have found in my time using playsignage is that the team are usually willing and able to bend over backward to fulfill the demand in a decent amount of time – features that were missing are now implemented because they listen. … Read more @ Capterra

Male digital signage reviewer in the food business

Seth B. @ Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

Technical Support

Food and Beverages, (1001-5000 emp.)

5 star review in the food business

Amazing! Great support and product.

Great customer support. Reliable software that provides a great upgrade from a legacy digital signage system. Ease of access, reliability, user-friendly interface. Amazing support. Any issues any time of the day you will get support. … Read more @ Capterra

Male Digital Signage Reviewer

Mark R


Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

4.5 Stars Review

Great solution to get started with, free 1st screen!

The easy access to various media assets, plus the many ways the service can be configured, make this a great choice to run signage. … Read more @ G2

Female Digital Signage Reviewer

Danielle O.

Art Director

Architecture & Planning (11-50 emp.)

Review Stars for Digital Signage

Easily the most robust solution at this price-point.

Play offers an incredibly robust product at the absolute best price-point available. Customer support is nothing short of outstanding, and the fact that they integrate seamlessly with an extensive list of devices (FireStick, Android, Chrome, Apple, Raspberry Pi, Windows, etc.) and offer a clean intuitive cloud-based editor loaded with plug-ins and easy scheduling, there isn’t another solution that even comes close. … Read more @ Capterra