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Your content: at home in the editor.

Design beautiful playlists without leaving our editor.

Cropping Images

The editor offers a huge arsenal of tools for you to use when designing content. The cropping tools lets you resize images as-well as cropping them and/or removing parts you don’t need.

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Text Tools

The editor also gives you some of the same tools for text editing as Word, Pages, etc. You can add custom fonts, pick a color, change the size, line height, add a shadow and much more.

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Shapes and icons

Shapes might seam simple, but sometimes its powerfull to add additional elements to your designs. In the editor you find basic shapes as well as several PNG symbols or icons.


Adding images is one thing, but you might want to spice things up rotating your images, adding transparency or even simply moving them up and down layers.

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The editor also offer displaying video directly from the players storage.

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Manage everything about your screens.


With help of Teams Feature, you can invite your colleagues to your Play Digital Signage team and let them manage your screens, playlists and more.

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Use zones or template areas

Re-use content and split your screens into zones that function separately from each other. Choose from our templates or design your own.

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Automatic conversion

You won’t need other software to get your files in. No matter what image, video or rich text formats you have, chances are that we’ll be able to convert them.

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File Conversion
Works Offline

It works offline too!

After you first publish content, everything is cached so you can play it even without an internet connection.

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Set up alerts

Get notified by e-mail when your screens go offline. Add as many notification recipients as you’d like!

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What’s my screen playing?

Use Screen Capture to capture an image of what’s playing on your screen.

Analytics / Proof of Play

Analytics can tell you how many times and for how long a specific asset has been playing. How you want to see the data is up to you, as we’ve provided several different reports to choose from.

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Analytics - Proof of play
Royalty-Free Content

Royalty-free content

Using providers as Pixabay, GIPHY and Unsplash we offer gorgeous royalty-free photos, video and animated GIF’s for you to use in your content.

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Multi Language

Some things are just easier in our native language. We support English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Danish and Estonian. 



Tags enable you to set up alternative scenarios involving any or all of your screens. As an example, you could create a fire emergency playlist that would direct people to evacuate immediately.

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Set up schedules, group your screens, sit back and relax.

Basic schedules

Your content scheduling was never easier to set up. Show meeting times in the morning, canteen menu for lunch and a video of your latest product in the evening.


Background Music

Add music to your playlist

Sometimes it is easier to create a special mood when you add music in the background.

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Slide element animations

With animations your content comes life. Apply rotate, zoom, fade or any other effects to slide elements: it’s all smooth and stylish. Just bring your creativity, our editor will do the rest.

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Element Animations
Slide Stash

Reuse slides from your stash

Stashing slides makes it easy to save, re-use and move your slides between your playlists.

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Custom fonts

If you don’t like the fonts we’ve added for you, simply upload your favorite custom fonts.

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Custom fonts
Remote manage

Remote manage your player

You can change settings on your player directly from our web portal. Find useful information about your player (timezone, resolution and many more) and see download progress in real-time.

Template designs

When you create a playlist you can choose one of our designer templates for free and they are all editable.

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Template Design
Automatic Updates

Updates automatically

You won’t have to break a sweat, we’ll keep your players secure, fast and with the latest features.

Audit log

Using Security Audit Log, you can inspect the history of events related to your team and your user account. This way, you can trace back who did what and easily attribute actions to different users in your team.

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Audit log
2 Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also known as multiple-factor authentication. In simple terms, it adds an extra layer of security when you log in at playsignage.com. The first layer of security is your username and password. Adding one more step of authenticating your identity makes it harder for an attacker to access your data.

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Design for any resolution

Support for Video Wall and LED Screens

We support any form and size screen, so no matter if you have an old plasma, a video wall or a huge led screen we’ve got you!

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  • Sharing playlists – Share your playlists with someone external – your graphical designer, manager or receptionist.
  • Touch Screens – Interactive functions for touch screens offering you the opportunity to build an interactive experience for your viewers and keep them engaged.
  • Drag and drop screens – Swiftly move screens between groups to easily change content on your screens.
  • Randomize slides – Displaying images might get more interesting if they don’t show in the same order.
  • Snap to grid – Designing content gets way easier when having a grip, that way your text, figures or other objects always align perfectly!
  • Shadows  Make text and figures stand out a bit more by adding shadows.
  • Download progress – Lets you know when your player has downloaded new content.
  • Multiple screen support – For Windows, MAC OS and Linux the app lets you choose which screen content is displayed on.
  • Advanced file structure – Selecting multiple files, moving files from one folder to another folder.
  • Create slide per asset – Go to the library, select your photos and click create slide per asset. You have the option to choose how to insert the photos, the background color, transition and duration of slide.
  • Website scripting –  Log in or perform other JavaScript actions on web pages.
  • Playlist in a playlist – In addition to creating zones you can also add an existing playlist inside another playlist.
  • Slide transitions – Keep things alive by adding entrance animations to your slides.
  • Slide conditions – Add conditions to a slide to play it only in a specific date range – optionally also delete the slide when the condition expires.
  • Preview – It might be a good idea to see how your playlist performs before publishing it to all of your screens.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – For those who like shortcuts, you can use multiple shortcuts to move objects precisely.
  • Clone slides – Build a great slide and simply clone it to the next slide.
  • Upload images from URL – No need to download and upload your images, video, etc. from your desktop, you can simply upload by URL.
  • A sequence of playlists – You can schedule a sequence of playlists.
  • Private files – If your organization stores files in a private file server, you can use these files without uploading them to our servers and thus exposing them to the Internet.
  • Public API – Our API exposes tag management actions to machine interfaces. 

Use Play Digital Signage anywhere.

Our player is compatible with all major operating systems. No matter what hardware you choose, you’ll be able to use our software.

Amazon FireOS
Raspberry PI

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