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Google Drive Content in Digital Signage

Google Drive

Google Drive for digital signage lets you access your Google Drive folders and files directly in your library.

Google Drive lets you access your Google Drive folders and files directly in your library. This way you don’t have to download files to your computer and then upload them to your library at The files you see are those you can use, so if you have files in your Google Drive that aren’t optimized or usable for digital signage, they will not show.

Remember, we also offer a Google Drive Content plugin.

Follow these simple steps to add your Google Drive to your library.

  • Log in to your account and go to Library
  • Click Add Google Drive
  • Choose your Google account
  • When asked if you trust Play Digital Signage, click Continue
  • After this the page will reload and you now have a folder in your library called Google Drive

Where do I find my Google Drive files?

When you have added Google Drive to your Library a folder is automatically added to your library Open the folder called Google Drive and you have access to all your Google Drive files and folders.

What is the Library?

What files can I see in Google Drive?

You can see any image files in your Google Drive. Files similar to PDF, Excel, Word, etc., are not listed in your Google Drive folder as they can’t be used unless converted.

How do I remove Google Drive?

Log in and go to your library. In the top right corner, you’ll find and click Remove Google Drive.

What happens if I remove Google Drive and one of my Google Drive files is used in a slide?

When you remove Google Drive from your library you will not have access to the Google Drive folder anymore, but the files you have already added to slides stay on the slides. We do recommend you replace them or add Google Drive again to avoid them getting removed from any slides.

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