Release Notes

What has changed and what new features or plugins did we add in the latest version of Play Digital Signage application.

VERSION 1.20.x

Released on 20 August 2020

  • Added tagging functionality
  • Multi-team membership support
  • Public API for tag management and screen commands
  • Improved weather plugin accuracy
  • Better alignment for date/time plugin
  • Italian, Portuguese and French translations in the web portal

VERSION 1.19.x

Released on 6 June 2020

  • Added Stream plugin
  • Extended counter plugin, added extra options to count up/down from the moment slide is shown
  • Added option to periodically refresh website plugin
  • Showing disc usage in player settings
  • Native ARM Linux AppImage player support (Raspberry PI)
  • Possible to add an individual audio file to play as the slide is shown
  • More efficient logging on Windows, Mac, and Linux apps
  • Timeline based scheduling
  • Giphy integration
  • Pixabay integration

VERSION 1.18.x

Released on 7. February 2020

  • The player starts with a dark loader to prevent white flash on screens
  • Possibility to set custom user agent for web plugin requests
  • Updated Windows/Linux/Mac application internal browser to latest Chrome 80 (Electron v8.0.0)
  • Mac application is notarized (Catalina will no longer display warning)
  • Added .ttf and .otf font support
  • Added .heic image file support (automatically converted to .jpg files)
  • Eyedropper to pick a color in the editor
  • If Windows registry editing is disabled and the user enables auto-launch, the player will send a warning to the user in the web portal
  • Dynamic UUID parameter in website plugin URL’s
  • Hebrew language option for weather plugin

VERSION 1.17.x

Released on 18. November 2019

  • Added support for German, Spanish, and Estonian language
  • Added support for CAPTIONS on youtube
  • Added Analytics (Proof of play)
  • Added support for Animated GIF
  • Added support for Changing names on slides

VERSION 1.16.x

Released on 18. September 2019

VERSION 1.15.x

Released on 01. August 2019

  • Changes to Clock plugin – Now possible to do transparent face
  • Changes to billing section – Now possible to update credit card
  • Changes to billing section – Initiate payment from transaction overview
  • Changes to the library – Delete files directly from the editor
  • Changes to the library – Create slides based on images now has settings for how to insert the images plus the choosing a background color
  • Added remote settings management for players
  • Added additional information about player hardware
  • Added player download progress bar in screens page
  • Reworked user authentication
  • MediaRSS now is loaded asynchronously and not called back before the first item is loaded

VERSION 1.14.x

Released on 07. May 2019

  • Added new plugin Instagram Photo
  • Added new plugin Instagram#
  • Added Royalty Free Image Library
  • Added feature Selecting multiple files
  • Added new plugin Random quote
  • Added feature iMove items from one folder to another
  • Added feature remote clearing cache on most players
  • Added support for new file formats (webp, bmp, excel formats (Microsoft, Apple, and OpenOffice formats), zip, and eps.)
  • Added support for Request Desktop Site in Android

VERSION 1.13.x

Released on 10. November 2018

VERSION 1.12.x

Released on 1. November 2018

  • Added new plugin Facebook Photo
  • Incorrect hour calculation bug fixed in the counter widget
  • Added support for preloading twitter content
  • Fixed a bug where RSS load failure caused infinite retry loop
  • Made it possible to use native webview in Android devices
  • Extension webviews have allowed transparency enabled
  • Player now hides the previous slide if in sub-playlist and background is transparent
  • Fixed a bug where audio was not played if scheduled in a sequence of playlists
  • Disabled pinch zoom on electron
  • Fixed a bug where a scheduled sequence playlist had no matching slides, next playlist was not triggered
  • Possible to pause audio for some slides

VERSION 1.11.x

Released on 04. September 2018

  • Added new plugin count-down
  • Added new feature background music in a playlist
  • Added new feature guided tour for new users
  • Added a new function where a user can set the grid size

VERSION 1.10.x

Released on 07. August 2018

VERSION 1.09.x

Released on 14. May 2018

  • Added new feature Screen Capture
  • Added design templates repository
  • Added design templates: Abstract, Company Presentation, Meet the teachers, Business, Hours and Meetings at the office
  • Added feature for cropping images
  • Added layering for ticker and video

VERSION 1.08.x

Released on 27. March 2018

  • Added feature Teams
  • Added roles for team members

VERSION 1.07.x

Released on 15. Febuary 2018

  • Added feature Slide Stash
  • Added feature Alerts

Future releases

Our roadmap is very dynamic so you should expect things can change in our future releases. Keep in mind most of the information is pulled from our internal system, so not everything makes sense ūüėČ


Adding flipclock via web plugin


Users should be able to add dashboard features to the dashboard –¬†Activity in the team (Related to logs),¬†Screen online / offline,¬†Latest firmware and release notes,¬†Notification center (Related to future to come notification center),¬†Did you know that ****

Streaming video feed

As discussed on team meeting we need to investigate rather or not we should and/or can offer users to stream video.

Samsung SmartTV

Adding player functionality for Samsung SmartTV


Adding social media plugins for Business: LinkedIn

Listview for library

This one is not very important – It’s easy to find files and it’s limited what a user can do with files. The current need and/or use-case is deleting or finding, so perhaps we should add a search functionality instead of listview ??

Listview for Screens page

Some of our bigger customers have, over time, been asking for alternative views to offer more overview – This would involve creating a whole new view, with less information and multiple columns and rows.

Pause function – Seasonal use of Play Digital Signage

Not, that many customers ask for it, but one did ask if we could do a “pause” – They use screens only half of the year, and have to delete, add them .. Perhaps we could easily pause screens under some conditions.

Automatic image optimization for player

Some customers use way too big images in their playlists, these are re-sized down to 4k, but often times the 4k image is used in full HD player or even if the user uploads a full HD file and is using it only in a small region in the screen, the large image takes up player’s resources.

Flash Message

The customer is a retail shop selling clothes. From time to time the store manager needs to advertise special offers or display warnings on all screens. User a slide in a playlist marks it as “Flash” and enters a slide name like “Special offer 1”. The user can add the slide to slidestash and use it in other playlists if needed. When the user wants one or multiple flash slides displayed on his screens he can easily activate them either from his phone or tablet.

LG SmartTV

Adding player functionality for LG SmartTV

Facebook Likes

User can choose any Facebook page likes (Like the flip clock)

Listview for Groups

A simpler way to move screens between groups –¬†This is for those with many groups and the need to move them around (Not that many when their signage network has been set up and is in play).

Plugin for CAP protocol

Slide duration progress bar

Lars proposed an idea where we could use the progress bar to indicate slide progress.

Grouping playlists

When having many playlists customer is having trouble managing them – In this case, the customer has 7 screens where 20 advertisers are on all 7 screens … so its like 140 playlists.¬†The customer would instead be able to create a group called “Screen 1” where he/she would add 20 playlists.

Jump over “online slides”

The player should skip a slide containing online elements like youtube and website if the internet connection is lost.

Emojis in editor

Add emojis to editor.