Release Notes

What has changed and what new features or plugins did we add in the latest version of Play.

VERSION 1.13.x

Released on 14. November 2018
Approved by Lars Normark Holmgaard

  • Added new plugin Facebook Post
  • Added support for multiple displays on Windows, MAC, and Linux (Native APP)
  • Corrected issue with a full-screen view for Facebook Photo
  • An added search function in playlists, screens, and library

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VERSION 1.12.x

Released on 1. November 2018
Approved by Sander Sink

  • Added new plugin Facebook Photo
  • Incorrect hour calculation bug fixed in the counter widget
  • Preloading twitter
  • Fixed a bug where RSS load failure caused infinite retry loop
  • Made it possible to use native webview in Android devices
  • Extension webviews have allowed transparency enabled
  • Player now hides previous slide if in sub-playlist and background is transparent
  • Fixed a bug where audio was not played if scheduled in a sequence of playlists
  • Disabled pinch zoom on electron
  • Fixed a bug where a scheduled sequence playlist had no matching slides, next playlist was not triggered
  • Possible to pause audio for some slides

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VERSION 1.11.0

Released on 04. September 2018
Approved by Sander Sink

  • Added new plugin count-down | Located in editor plugins
  • Added new feature background music in playlist | Located on the playlist page
  • Added new feature guided tour for new users | Located in the user’s menu
  • Added a new function where a user can set the grid size I Located in the editor

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VERSION 1.10.0

Released on 07. August 2018
Approved by Lars Normark

  • Added new plugin MediaRSS | Located in editor plugins
  • Added new plugin RSS Ticker | Located in editor plugins
  • Added support for Raspberry PI | Screens page download section

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VERSION 1.09.0

Released on 14. May 2018
Approved by Lars Normark

  • Added new feature Screen Capture | Screens page (Request screenshot)
  • Added design templates repository | Playlists page (+ From template)
  • Added design templates: Abstract, Company Presentation, Meet the teachers, Business, Hours and Meetings at the office | Templates repository
  • Added feature for cropping images | Editor
  • Added layering for ticker and video | Editor

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VERSION 1.08.0

Released on 27. March 2018
Approved by Justas Azna

  • Added feature Teams | Profile menu
  • Added roles for team members | Teams page

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VERSION 1.07.0

Released on 15. Febuary 2018
Approved by Sander Sink

  • Added feature Slide Stash | Editor
  • Added feature Alerts | Screens page

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Future releases

Our roadmap is very dynamic so you should expect things can change in our future releases. Keep in mind most of the information is pulled from our internal system, so not everything makes sense ūüėČ


Adding flipclock via web plugin


Users should be able to add dashboard features to the dashboard –¬†Activity in the team (Related to logs),¬†Screen online / offline,¬†Latest firmware and release notes,¬†Notification center (Related to future to come notification center),¬†Did you know that ****

Streaming video feed

As discussed on team meeting we need to investigate rather or not we should and/or can offer users to stream video.

Samsung SmartTV

Adding player functionality for Samsung SmartTV


Adding social media plugins for Business: LinkedIn

Facebook Posts

A user can choose any facebook page posts

Listview for library

This one is not very important – It’s easy to find files and it’s limited what a user can do with files. The current need and/or use-case is deleting or finding, so perhaps we should add a search functionality instead of listview ??

Listview for Screens page

Some of our bigger customers have, over time, been asking for alternative views to offer more overview – This would involve creating a whole new view, with less information and multiple columns and rows.


Primary purpose with Instagram is displaying a gallery or images based on a user, a hashtag or a geotag.

Random quote plugin

Found this interesting plugin for displaying a random quote in stylized text. Seemed interesting –

Move items from one folder to another

As it is you can’t move an item (Image, video etc.) from one folder to another – No way to stay organized. Think we should have a “Move” option besides the “Remove” so that users can move one or more items between folders.

Flash Message

The customer is a retail shop selling clothes. From time to time the store manager needs to advertise special offers or display warnings on all screens. User a slide in a playlist marks it as “Flash” and enters a slide name like “Special offer 1”. The user can add the slide to slidestash and use it in other playlists if needed. When the user wants one or multiple flash slides displayed on his screens he can easily activate them either from his phone or tablet.

Royalty-free image library

We should be able to offer users royalty-free images like if a user is creating a playlist for a coffee shop he can find related images in our “image shop”.

Selecting multiple files

Today we offer to select multiple files where the user has to click each image one by one – We should add the functionality to select multiple images either by keyboard shortcuts or drag and mark by mouse.

LG SmartTV

Adding player functionality for LG SmartTV

Facebook Likes

User can choose any Facebook page likes (Like the flip clock)

Listview for Groups

A simpler way to move screens between groups –¬†This is for those with many groups and the need to move them around (Not that many when their signage network has been set up and is in play).

Plugin for CAP protocol

Slide duration progress bar

Lars proposed an idea where we could use the progress bar to indicate slide progress.

Grouping playlists

When having many playlists customer is having trouble managing them – In this case, the customer has 7 screens where 20 advertisers are on all 7 screens … so its like 140 playlists.¬†The customer would instead be able to create a group called “Screen 1” where he/she would add 20 playlists.

Audit log

As a security-conscious account administrator, I would like to see the log of important events and who triggered them. You can see this feature in action in systems like DigitalOcean, AWS, gitlab and many more.

Jump over “online slides”

The player should skip a slide containing online elements like youtube and website if the internet connection is lost.

Help us move in your direction!

If you think of something great for play digital signage – A functionality or a plugin, please don’t hesitate to¬†reach¬†out to us – Hit the button below to give us your thoughts.

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