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Free Templates for Digital Signage


We have a whole library of professionally designed digital signage templates for you

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We have a whole library of professionally designed digital signage templates for you to choose from when you create a playlist and they can all be edited to your liking! Are none of them what you were looking for? Feel free to design from scratch to create exactly what you are looking for!

There are two ways you can use our templates.

Create a playlist from a Template

When you're at the playlist overview you can create a new playlist either from scratch or from a template. If you choose to create a playlist from a template you'll see a full list of templates based on categories like Travel, Business, Food, etc., Pick a category and then find your template. 

Note that some templates have explanations attached to them, so there may be slides in the template that you need to remove.

Add a slide from a Template

Another option is adding a single slide from a template. Open one of your playlists and in the right lower corner you'll have an option to add a slide from a template. The principle is the same as above, except you don't have categories, instead you have a search. If you are looking for a slide that you are going to use for a menu simply search Menu or Food and pick the slide you'd like to add to your playlist.

  • Category - Pick your category (When creating a new playlist from a template)
  • Search - Search anything you'd like (When creating a new slide from a template)
  • Preview - Click to preview the template

What can I change in a Template?

You can change everything in a template, text, images, positions, sizes, etc.

Why can't I move all elements in a Template?

To make it easier for you we've locked some of the design elements, but if you open layers in the right panel you can actually unlock and lock all of the design elements if needed.

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Get started designing your content

Most people think designing content for digital signage is super difficult, but if you can use Powerpoint, you can also create and design your own content in our editor.

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