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Alert Feature for Digital Signage


Alerts in Digital Signage let you be the first to know if your screen goes offline.

The cool thing about setting a time is never getting notifications that are not relevant. And even more cool is that you determine when a notification is relevant for you. For example, why get a notification every time a screen goes offline if it’s just a glitch in the network? Instead, try setting a 10 min. time (Let’s call this a delay in minutes) and if it’s simply a glitch in the network, you will not get the notification. But in case the player or the network actually is having a problem, you will receive a notification.

Where do I find this,

  • When screen has been offline for – Set the time in minutes. If you set it to 5 min. you’ll receive a notification in case the player is offline for more than 5 min.
  • Add recipient e-mail – Insert one or more e-mail addresses. The e-mail addresses here will receive the notification for both offline and reconnect status.
  • Alert on/off – Activate or deactivate notifications.

Can I add an e-mail outside my team?

Yes, you can add any e-mail address, we are not doing e-mail verification on e-mail addresses used here, so if you need an additional e-mail you could simply create a new one at Gmail.

Can I set a default e-mail address for new screens?

Yes, you can. In your profile, you can set your default values, check it out; Default Values

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