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Looking for someone who can help you bring digital signage to your customers? Join our team of resellers!

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Simply fill out the form on the right to join our team. When we’ve received your application, we’ll look it over and get right back to you. Expect an e-mail that will contain access to the backend of our software where you’ll find our reseller price list, a quick agreement to sign, and helpful tutorials that give you all the information on how to get started!

Turn-key, Yet Flexible Reseller Partnerships

We offer a turn-key, yet flexible reseller concept, where both you and your customers are best protected. You and your customers will get access to not only our powerhouse digital signage software but our entire team and organization, too.

Other companies may offer their product for resale, but here, our organization and our digital signage software is a package deal. This means you and your customers have our full attention and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, we’re flexible, so you still have complete control over how you sell and price your package towards customers, we are simply throwing in the extra benefit of a full support team behind you. 

Unlike our friends in the industry, we do not offer a white-label concept because you and your customers are better off with a well-known and proven concept. But don’t worry, we are only here to help and we will never try to poach customers out from under you. We see our resellers as a valuable part of the team, so at Play Digital Signage, we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that relationship.

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Before you ask

We’ve gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about our reseller program.

No, at Play Digital Signage, we do not offer a white label. We believe that a strong, recognizable brand is important and provides our resellers with added value.

Yes, and that is the best part of partnering with us as a reseller. No matter what type of reseller you are, we always take care of your customers when they need help.

Learn more about or Reseller stratety

We are here to provide support. We check in with our resellers every 3 months no matter their sales volume so that we can be an active partner. If a reseller's activity stagnates, we would likely reach out to see if there is anything with can help with. We want you to be successful, too, so our team prioritizes helping our resellers in any way that we can.

The short answer is yes, you can make money as a Play Digital Signage reseller. As a reseller, you’ll need to decide what you’ll be offering your customers, but even if you offer the basics, you’ll still be able to make good money between setting customers up and on a monthly basis. Just keep in mind that the more you can offer, the more money you have the potential to make.

Technically, customers might be able to get better pricing if they contact us, but that’s only if you set the monthly price too high. We work according to a fixed pricing list so that every customer gets the same price. However, we encourage resellers to offer packages that include more than just our digital signage software. For instance, resellers can offer the software plus monthly updates, content changes in under 24 hours, a service agreement, and more. These are all things we recommend you have in your subscriptions.

Yes and no. With our pricing model, the price gets lower as you add screens, so the more screens you add, the lower the price we can give you.




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Ready to see what we can do for you and your customers?

If you’re ready to take the Play Digital Signage software for a spin to see exactly what we’re offering, let’s get started!

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