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Who’s Behind Play Digital Signage?

Ordinary People Like You, Driven by Passion

Believe it or not, we are real people behind the screen here at Play Digital Signage. We’re just ordinary people, who have a passion not only for life, family, and friends, but for our job, and that’s what makes us the best at what we do.

About Play Digital Signage

In the heart of the land of opportunities.


How did Play Digital Signage begin?

Like so many before us, we began developing software for digital signage, because something in the industry was missing. In 2013, we founded Play Digital Signage in Denmark. For some years we had focused on the Scandinavian market, but it swiftly changed into something we could never have imagined, so in 2018 we incorporated in the United States of America to be able to service our customers better.

Bright idea

A different structure

We have head-quarters in the heart of the entertainment capital Las Vegas, and service customers on all continents. We manage 3 hubs around the world, each hub is a team of dedicated people making sure our customers can reach us 24/7.


How is it going?

Having self-funded our digital signage software, the early years were the most difficult ones, as we needed to supplement the income and pour all resources into developing the software. Fortunately, the tough times are behind us, and today we're self-sustainable. We do not have investors to please, nor risk running out of capital. There is a saying that software isn’t finished before the last person stops using it.  

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The Founders of Play Digital Signage

See the faces that have built Play Digital Signage from the beginning.

Lars Normark

CEO & Founder

It’s not always easy being the underdog, and believe me, we know all about being the underdog. Play Digital Signage started out in a small office space, with few people, not a lot of money, and no sleep. Today we service customers worldwide, we have hubs in three larger cities spread over the USA, Europe, and Indonesia. From underdog to one of the industry-leading digital signage software. One thing that makes Play Digital Signage different and also an exciting place to work is how we think. Our roots go back to Scandinavia where we had our small office space for a couple of years before moving to the united states of America and even before that, we had cracked the code and knew how to cement our name in the industry. With all these words, I still haven’t told the tale, but rest sure that the tale is here, all you have to do is look closer.

Lars Normark at Play Digital Signage

Sander Sink

VP Engineering & Founder

I have always viewed myself as a rational person making decisions based on data rather than emotions, this is what I bring to the table at Play Digital Signage. As one of the technical founders, my tasks have been to design and build a scalable and resilient system. I’m proud to say that today we have scaled our solution to two regions globally, there is redundancy on all microservices with no single point of failure, our servers can handle concurrent connections from thousands of screens, we process time-series data in databases on the order of hundreds of gigabytes. Engineering is when what’s theoretically possible through science reaches a compromise with that which is economically feasible, and we continue improving every day!

Sander Sink at Play Digital Signage

Justas Azna

CTO & Founder

I co-founded the company that is now known as Play Digital Signage Inc. with my friends back when I was still studying Computer Science in college. We have come very far since our humble beginnings as a self-bootstrapped company without any outside investment and our worldwide success speaks for itself. Much like my other technical co-founder, Sander, my primary areas of responsibility are software security, system administration, backend development, and site reliability. I spend my days making sure our core systems are running smoothly and designing/developing new features for our product as well as managing numerous freelance and in-house software developers. I am excited about what the digital signage scene has to show in the upcoming years and I’m deeply honored to be running one of the leading products in the industry.

Justas Azna at Play Digital Signage




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Social media, stalking, chatting, and calling are all great options to get to know us here at Play Digital Signage at least a little bit better.

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We’re an Open Book

We believe that transparency is important! If we are going to work together, we better make sure we’re a great fit from the start.

Reach out to the CEO at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 844 384 5554 (Time zone in Las Vegas is Pacific Time Zone)

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We Welcome Your Feedback

Our strategy has always been to follow your lead!

Since 2013, following your lead has been our strategy when it comes to how we prioritize and develop new features, plugins, and updates. Tell us what you would like to see and we will do our part to listen and make the world of digital signage even better suited for you and your company.

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