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Account management is where you manage your profile, update your e-mail address, change your password and much more.

There are several actions you can take in your account, you can change your password, and e-mail address, activate two-factor authentication, set your default values, toggle on/off pop-up notifications, and much more.

We offer several ways for you to log in to your account. You can use your Facebook, Google, or simply email and password to log on. Log in right here,

If you haven’t yet created an account with us you can do so by going to and choosing one of the following methods


Or simply add your name, e-mail address, and password and click REGISTER.

When your login has been created, you’ll need to verify your e-mail address within 24 hours. If you can’t find the verification e-mail in your inbox, please check your unwanted, spam, ads, and similar folders.


This is where you change your password and we recommend you do this as frequently as possible. Input your old password, then your new password twice, and click Save.

If you do not have access to your account you should use this to retrieve your password.

Where do I find this,

We recommend you use two-factor authentication to make sure no one can use your account without authentication.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account. To log in, you’ll need to provide a 6-digit code from an authenticator app like Google AuthenticatorAuthy, or Duo along with your username and password. Download your preferred app to your iPhone or Android before enabling Two-Factor authentication. This lets us know it’s you. 

Read more about Two-Factor Authentication.

Where do I find this,

Having an account at Play Digital Signage you also have a team. To remove your account you also have to remove the team, but keep in mind if you remove a team it will be removed for all members of the team.

Click Delete Team to remove your account and team.

If you were invited to a team and therefor never created or had a team, this section will look a little different.

Where do I find this,

You can override certain default values to save up extra clicks you’ll typically make, depending on your needs, learn more.

Where do I find this,

  • Enable pop-up notifications – Toggle on/off if you want the pop notifications (You see these in the top right corner)
  • Receive product updates e-mail – Toggle on/off if you want to receive our product update e-mails.
  • Clear webapp cache - Click to clear the APP cache

How do I delete my user?

Open your profile menu ( and then Profile. Here you find Delete your account and Team, open that and click Delete Team to delete both the user and the team associated to that user.

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