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Let’s get you started with your Brightsign media player

Unlock the potential of digital signage with BrightSign media players. Deliver stunning content seamlessly with these powerful devices, ensuring captivating displays and an immersive audience experience. Elevate your visual storytelling with the reliability and flexibility of BrightSign.

Supported models: XT1144 and XT244 4-series, XT1145, XT245 and XD1035 5-series,

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Options & FAQ

Options can be accessed directly on the TV by using OPTIONS.

Options can be accessed directly by the player or in settings for your player.

  • Launch player on startup - This option is always enabled for BrightSign.
  • Show top menu bar - Toggle this ON if you want the top bar to appear when moving the mouse or using the remote for your player. Toggle this OFF if you want a kiosk experience where users can't exit the app by clicking the exit button on the top menu bar. You can still access the menu with the "Ctrl + o" command.
  • Optimize for touchscreen - Toggle this ON if you are planning on using our software on a touchscreen. This setting will make small adjustments to how our APP works in conjunction with a touchscreen.
  • Analytics - Toggle this ON if you need analytic data from this particular player. Read more about Analytics
  • Automatic Updates - By default, the device will check for updates and update automatically. If you disable this option, you can check for updates manually by using the "check for updates" button.
  • Synchronise Time - The Player synchronizes time with our server (adheres to the configured time zone).
  • Display Orientation - Landscape / Portrait / Portrait (counter-clockwise) options to configure your screen for portrait digital signage.
  • Time Zone - Set the time zone of the device.
  • Video Mode - Configure the output video mode for the device, see BrightSign documentation for this option.
  • Reload player every day at - It is good practice to clear the cache on the player once every 24 hours. Here you can set a time that is not inconvenient, for example at night when no one is watching your TV. Rooted devices will be rebooted, unrooted devices will simply restart our app.
  • Display on / off – Turn the display on and off based on a schedule. (Learn more)
  • Tags - If you are using tags they will be listed here. You also can find and add a tag.
  • Reboot - Reboots the device.
  • Status - Status tells you if the APP is connected to the cloud. Green means you are connected and red means you are not connected. If you see a red status you should check the internet and wifi connection to your player.
  • Device Time - The device time tells you the player's time and date. If the device time is wrong it will also be wrong in our APP and thus all time-related scheduling will be off, so make sure to correct the time on the player operating system if you are having problems.
  • Resolution - The output resolution of the device.
  • Version - This is the version of our APP
  • Screen ID - Also referred to as UID. The UID is the unique ID for your player.
  • Disc Usage - Disc usage will tell you how much data has been used on the player's storage. We do not recommend more than max. 80% storage use.
  • Screen edges - In case you have a LED screen, video wall, or an older model TV you might have to adjust the edges so that they match your TV and the content.

I got my screen linked, what next?

We recommend checking out our Getting Started video.

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How do I configure network?

By default the device will use wired connection and it will get the IP address from the DHCP server. You can configure the device to use a static IP or connect to a wireless network. On the SD card you will find a file network.example.json, rename it to network.json and replace the example values with your desired configuration.

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Get started designing your content

Most people think designing content for digital signage is super difficult, but if you can use Powerpoint, you can also create and design your own content in our editor.

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