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Countdown and Countup Plugin for Digital Signage


Countdown is for counting down days to your product launch or counting days since your last work accident.

There are several scenarios where the counter is useful. You could use it for counting down to an event or a product launch, or even a birthday. You could also use it to count up, meaning it will count away from the date chosen, for example, Our last sales record is 66 days ago.

  • Alignment and Cropping
  • Fit to canvas - Maximize the image to fit the canvas
  • Align Left - Align the image to the left
  • Align Center - Align the image to the center
  • Align Right - Align the image to the right
  • Align Top - Align the image to the top
  • Align Center - Align the image to the center
  • Align Bottom - Align the image to the bottom
  • Locking Objects - Lock images
  • Mode
    • Count down The plugin counts down to a specific date/time in the future.
    • Count up – The plugin counts days/hours/minutes/seconds since a specific date/time in the past.
    • Count down seconds – Starts counting down from a specified value every second since the slide is shown (can be used to indicate when the next slide will be shown).
    • Count up every second – Starts counting up seconds from the moment the slide is shown.
  • Date – Target date.
  • Time – Target time.
  • Format – Several display formats to choose from, depending on what granularity is appropriate for your counter.
  • Vertical – The plugin renders in a vertical configuration.
  • Font - Change the font of the text
  • Alignment - Align text to the left, center, or right
  • Font Size - Change the font size
  • Shadow - Add a shadow to the text
  • Stroke - Change the stroke thickness of the text
  • Layer - Move the counter up and down the layers

What happens when it reaches 0?

The counter will never go negative. In the case of count-down, once it reaches 0, it will remain at 0. If you’re using count-up mode and the date is in the future, the plugin will show 0 until the date is elapsed.

Can I remove a slide when it reaches 0?

Yes, this would simply require you to set up a slide conditional rule, read more.

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