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Locking Objects in your Digital Signage

Locking Objects

You can lock individual objects that you’re done working with to de-clutter the canvas while working on other elements.

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You’ll find the lock button for the selected object in the alignment tool bar or get an overview of all objects’ lock status in the layers tab.

Add a new dimension to the locking feature by defining roles that can unlock objects that are already locked. This makes it possible to define who can edit what on an individual element level. Suppose you have a slide for a product and the $ needs to be updated frequently by 3rd party. If you want to ensure that they only update the $ of the product and nothing else, you could lock all other elements on that slide except for the $ field and revoke the unlock permission from them.

You will find options for this permission in the settings for each playlist, there are 4 role levels to locking/unlocking permission:

  • Owner – The team owner will always be able to unlock the elements in a playlist.
  • Admin – if granted, team admins will be able to unlock objects and manage the permission for members and those a playlist is shared with.
  • Member – if granted, team members will be able to unlock objects and manage the permission for those the playlist has been shared.
  • Sharee – if the playlist has been shared with 3rd parties, they will be able to unlock objects.

Can you resize something that has been locked?

When an object (Image, shape, text, etc.) has been locked you can not move, resize, or delete it.

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