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Google Calendar for Digital Signage Content

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is easily embedded in your content with the help of our Website Plugin.

Google Calendar is easily embedded in your content using our Website Plugin. We do not offer a branded Google Calendar plugin, but setting it up using the Website plugin is straight forward.

Start showing your upcoming events from Google Calendar by following these simple steps:

  1. On a computer, open Google Cal.
  2. On the left side find the calendar you want to use in your content.
  3. Click the three dots, then Settings and Sharing
  4. Scroll down to Access permissions for event and turn on Make available to public
  5. Scroll down to Integrate calendar and click Customize
  6. Make your changes and pick the calendars you want to show in your content
  7. In Embed Code mark the true URL (Starting with "https" and ending with the last quotation mark) and copy it.
  8. Open your playlist, add the Website plugin, and paste the URL in the Website address field.

Check out Google’s guide on how to make your calendar public.

There is also a button to Customise, if you go to the calendar customizer, you’ll also need to enter the width & height of the plugin as Google includes it in the Public URL.

  • Alignment and Cropping
    • Fit to canvas - Maximize the image to fit the canvas
    • Align Left - Align the image to the left
    • Align Center - Align the image to the center
    • Align Right - Align the image to the right
    • Align Top - Align the image to the top
    • Align Center - Align the image to the center
    • Align Bottom - Align the image to the bottom
    • Locking Objects - Lock images
  • Website – If the website is hosted on a server, use the “Website” option and paste the URL.
  • HTML code – If you have an HTML code snippet, you can paste the snippet to the code pop-up. Where to find widgets?
  • Pre-load website – The player will start loading the plugin 15 seconds before it will be displayed, so when the slide is displayed, the website has already loaded and is ready to display. If the website you want to display has some load animation or video set to autoplay, you can disable this option so that the animation does not run while the plugin is pre-loading.
  • Enable scrolling – By default the scrolling behavior is disabled so that the scroll bar is not visible. If you want users to interact with the site, you can enable scrolling.
  • Refresh periodically – The website is refreshed every time the slide is shown, however, you can set the refresh interval to refresh more frequently.
  • Refresh Interval Seconds - Set how many seconds between refresh
  • Zoom – Depending on how the website is built, it may render differently on certain devices. By adjusting zoom, you can make the page fit better.
  • Positioning – Manually adjust the placement of your shape pixel by pixel.
  • Sizing – Manually adjust the size of your shape pixel by pixel
  • Add Script - This is where you add and edit your scripts, learn more.

How to change to a weekly view?

You can append the mode parameter to the end of the URL to change the view:

  • For weekly view append **&mode=WEEK**
  • For monthly view append **&mode=MONTH**
  • For agenda view append **&mode=AGENDA**

The calendar does not show in the preview.

Due to limitations and restrictions, some browsers might not show the content of the calendar. This does not mean it doesn’t work on your player, but only in the preview.

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