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Website Widgets for Digital Signage Content

Website Widgets

HTML Widgets are small code-based widgets that you can customize and design without having to think about coding at all.

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There are tons of HTML widgets out there, the best option is to try your luck with a search engine, including the term HTML widget in the search query, for example, “Menu HTML widget”. Here are some free ones that we’ve come across:

  1. Elfsight – over 30 high-quality widgets including Google Review, Coronavirus Stats, Countdown Timer, Pop Up, Value Table, Google Maps, Event Calendar, PDF Embed, Team Showcase, Menu, Weather, and lots more
  2. – lots of responsive widgets for growing your business. Most of their widgets are made for touch interactive platforms, but you also find widgets like All-in-one Reviews, Before and after image slider, QR Code, and more.
  3. TradingView – Over 15 financial widgets, totally free.
  4. SnapWidget – many social widgets, some of them are free, others are pro.
  5. – 50 widgets, free and premium. NB! Their widgets do not load in web preview due to security limitations but still work on players.
  6. Windy – Stunning weather pattern maps.
  7. WeatherWidget – a decent alternative to our weather plugin.
  8. ClockLink – even more clock configurations to supplement our clock plugins.
  9. TimeAndDate –  analog and digital clocks.
  10. KeepTheScore – various scoreboards, such as tally counter, leader-board, and basketball scoreboard.
  11. – dashboard to see the local time of various team members, great for distributed organizations.
  12. – interactive currency converter widget that can be used on touch screens.
  13. – a service that allows visitors of an event (wedding, party, conference) to post photos that are then shown on the screen.

Do you know something we don’t? Let us know and we’ll update this list!

How do I find a widget?

You want to be looking for HTML widgets, for example, if you're looking to add Google Reviews you can search Goole Review HTML Widget.

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