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Pixabay Royalty-Free Photos and Videos for Digital Signage


Pixabay is stunning royalty-free images and videos that you can use in your digital signage content.

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Pixabay in Digital Signage is stunning royalty-free images and videos. Pixabay offers more than 1.7 million high-quality images and videos coming from its amazing community.

All the photos and videos you find, and use in your digital signage content, from Pixabay, are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about who owns the rights. If you are using photos or video from Google or generally from the internet you may find materials that are protected and therefore not for free use.

Pixabay works like Unsplash and Giphy providing you with amazing content.
  • Layer – Move your image or photo up or down your layers
  • Rotate – Change image rotation on the canvas
  • Position – Change the position of the image
  • Opacity – Change image transparency
  • On click jump to – Assign a slide that is played when the user clicks or taps on the image, which works as the button plugin.
  • Set slide duration – Change the slide duration according to the video length
  • Muted – Plays video without sound
  • Always on top – By default, the video will be rendered on top of other elements for smoother playback.
    • Yes – This option is recommended for all entry-level players as they can struggle when having to render the entire canvas for every video frame.
    • No – Video will respect the layers and other elements can be moved on top of the video. This requires a mid-level player as the entire canvas has to be rendered for every frame of video.
    • Yes (native)  This option will be the default for 4K videos. On Android devices it will launch Android’s native video player at the position of the video, non-android devices behave the same as with the ‘yes’ option. 
  • Positioning – Change the position of the video (Or simply drag and drop it)

What content do I find on Pixabay?

Pixabay is free stock videos and free pictures or images. For videos, you will find short movies (Called films) usually below 60 seconds in duration and with various themes. You also find animations in videos, these are short animation videos either made from photos, drawings, etc. In images, you find photos, illustrations, and vectors.

My Pixabay video is showing a striped image instead.

If Pixabay servers have trouble loading the thumbnail for the video in the editor, they return a placeholder image instead. Do not worry, the actual video will still play in the preview and also in your player, simply the thumbnail for the video did not load, and the thumbnail is only used in the editor.

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