​Google Chromecast Digital Signage
with Google TV

Google Chromecast Digital Signage

Google Chromecast Digital Signage with Google TV is running Google’s TV operating system making it remarkable with Play Digital Signage.

Getting Started - Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up at

Go sign up at, using Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or simply a username and password.

Getting Started - Step 2 - Connect your player

Connect your player

Connect your player using a standard HDMI cable (Some TV’s have a player built-in)

Getting Started - Step 3 - Download

Download our APP

Find, download and install our APP from Google Play Store – Click here to find the APP


Getting Started - Step 4 - Link your screen

Link the APP

Log in at, then go to Screens, hit Add screen, and use the code from the TV to link the APP to your account.

Getting Started - Step 5 - Design your content

Design your content

Go to Playlists, hit Create Playlist, and design your content.

Getting Started - Step 6 - Link playlist

Link your playlist

Go to Groups & Schedules, pick your playlist in the group’s base playlist and move your screen to the group.

Launch APP on startup

When you start our app for the first time, it will prompt you to grant permission for “Display Over Other apps” permission. The name is misleading, our app needs this permission to autolaunch on startup on Android.
If you did not grant the permission initially, you can find it in Settings -> Apps -> Special app permissions -> Allow display over other apps -> Play Digital Signage.
If your app does not launch on startup even after granting the permission, check for Chromecast updates, older Chromecast versions used to have a problem that has been fixed.

Installing the APP on your player google chromecast start

Watch the video to see how to install our APP on Chromecast directly.

Other stuff you might need to do

Disable energy saver google chromecast start

Make sure that the energy saver is disabled so that your device won’t turn off the TV.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Select Energy Saver
  4. Make sure it’s set to Disabled

Display Over Other apps google chromecast start

Before starting our APP, newer Android devices (Android 10 and onwards) require additional permissions to be explicitly granted in order for the autostart to work.

Please note, some Google Chromecast with Google TV (Depending on versions) will not allow our app to auto-launch. 

  1. Navigate to settings in top-right
  2. Navigate to apps
  3. Select “Special app access”
  4. Select “Display over other apps”
  5. Grant the permission to “Play Digital Signage” app

Watch the video to see where to find this permission.

FAQ google chromecast start

How do I set up the display in portrait mode?

See the Android section of our portrait guide.

The plugins don’t work

If one or more plugin doesn’t work on your Android, it’s possible that the PlaySignage app on your player device is out of date. Click here to learn more.

How do I access OPTIONS if I disabled the top menu bar?

In the APP options, you can hide the top menu bar if you for example are running a touch screen. To access the top menu bar, when hidden, you can use CTRL + O for options or CTRL + Q to close the APP.

Can I use any Chromecast?

Unfortunatly not. The first generations of Google Chromecasts had no local storage meaning they were not suited for digital signage in general. The latest version is the Google Chromecast with Google TV and it works amazing as a Google Chromecast Digital Signage player.