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Screen Edges in Digital Signage

Screen Edges

Screen edges will ensure that your content is correctly aligned on your screen.

We added Screen Edges to accommodate both older TVs as well as LED signs, Billboards, etc. An older TV may not always align with a modern media player and therefore the edges can be a bit off and the same goes for larger area screens, where playlists, content, etc., are based on pixel-by-pixel resolution.

Screen Edges can be found both in the APP (Go to Options -> Screen Edges) as well as on the screens overview at (Go to Screens -> Settings -> Screen Edges).

  • Use entire screen area - Toggle on to maximize the screen area, and toggle off to set the screen edges manually.
  • Adjust Position - Using the arrows you can move the top, left, right, and bottom edges to accommodate your screen area.
  • Adjust Size - Using the arrows you can change the size of the area used on the screen.
  • Reset Edges - Click to reset your settings to default

How do I set the screen edges for a LED sign?

Depending on your setup, you may have to use screen edges to accommodate an LED sign, Billboard, etc. If your LED sign is 1200px times 800px (This number is your pixel-by-pixel size) you simply input 1200 times 800 in Adjust Size, that's it.

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