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Website and Webbased Plugins for Digital Signage


With our Websites in Digital Signage plugin, you can add external web content to your slides.

The plugin is a bit like a Swiss army knife, you can add a simple URL, you can add HTML code and you can use Javascript to scroll to a specific section, get rid of GDPR pop-ups, and log in to sites like Salesforce, etc.

The Website plugin is also amazing with HTML5 widgets.

  • Alignment and Cropping
    • Fit to canvas - Maximize the image to fit the canvas
    • Align Left - Align the image to the left
    • Align Center - Align the image to the center
    • Align Right - Align the image to the right
    • Align Top - Align the image to the top
    • Align Center - Align the image to the center
    • Align Bottom - Align the image to the bottom
    • Locking Objects - Lock images
  • Website – If the website is hosted on a server, use the “Website” option and paste the URL.
  • HTML code – If you have an HTML code snippet, you can paste the snippet to the code pop-up. Where to find widgets?
  • Pre-load website – The player will start loading the plugin 15 seconds before it will be displayed, so when the slide is displayed, the website has already loaded and is ready to display. If the website you want to display has some load animation or video set to autoplay, you can disable this option so that the animation does not run while the plugin is pre-loading.
  • Enable scrolling – By default the scrolling behavior is disabled so that the scroll bar is not visible. If you want users to interact with the site, you can enable scrolling.
  • Refresh periodically – The website is refreshed every time the slide is shown, however, you can set the refresh interval to refresh more frequently.
  • Zoom – Depending on how the website is built, it may render differently on certain devices. By adjusting zoom, you can make the page fit better.

The website is not showing

Depending on the player you are using, the website in digital signage is embedded differently:

This is due to how HTML5 works. Iframe runs in a ‘sandbox’ as part of the browser window, whereas webview functions as a separate browser window. If the website you are trying to embed returns X-Frame-Options DENY/SAMEORIGIN header, the page cannot be displayed in an iframe because the website owner has forbidden it. However, the page is still rendered for our players that use Webview instead.

What can be done?
  • You can contact the website maintainer or developer and ask them to lift the restriction.
  • You can use a player that displays the websites in a Webview (see above) to bypass the restriction.

How can I log into websites with HTTP Basic Auth?

You can supply a username and password in a special URL format: 

http://username:[email protected]/

This sends the credentials in the standard HTTP Authorization header.

How can I identify the player device in my web application?

If you have a web application and you need to identify which device is making a request to your app, you can use a dynamic URL parameter {UUID} that the player will replace at run-time with its UUID. For example by using the following URL in the website plugin with a device that has UUID ABC123:{UUID} becomes{UUID}/hi becomes

Can I display PDF files?

You can simply upload a PDF file to your library where our server will convert each page in the document to an image. However, if you have a PDF file that is frequently updated, you can link to it instead with a website plugin so it will always show the most recent version, learn more.

Can I display PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents using the website plugin?

The Website plugin can display almost anything that is web-based, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, learn more.

The HTML widget is not showing?

If the widget does not display, you can also try hosting the HTML code on a public server, (for example or serve it from an HTML file in your server.

What widgets work with the Website Plugin?

We've gathered a bunch of cool plugins that you can use with the Website Plugin, learn more.

When I add the Website plugin I see your website?

We've added /website-plugin as the default page you will see when adding the Website plugin to your canvas. All you need to do is replace the URL in the plugin settings.

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