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PDF Files in Digital Signage

PDF Files

If you have a PDF file that is frequently updated, you can link to it instead with a website plugin.

You can simply upload a PDF file to your library where our server will convert each page in the document to an image. However, if you have a PDF file that is frequently updated, you can link to it instead with a website plugin so it will always show the most recent version.

Displaying PDF via URL

Our Chrome extension (including ChromeOS), Linux, Mac, and Windows players have a built-in PDF reader, so displaying PDFs is straightforward. For other platforms (Android, Tizen), see the next FAQ answer. In addition, our Chrome extension offers some extra parameters that you can use to customize how the PDF is displayed. The parameters are added at the end of the file URL:

  • #page=2 – Opens the file on the second page.
  • #view=fit – Fits the page horizontally, the other option is fit to fit vertically.
  • #zoom=150 – Zooms the page 150%.

You can also combine the parameters by chaining them together with the & sign, for example:**#page=2&view=fith**

Displaying PDFs using our website plugin

If the device does not have a PDF viewer built-in, like is the case with Android and Tizen-based players, you can use our online PDF renderer widget to render the PDF into a website instead. This can be done in the following way:

What players can display PDF files using a URL?

The following players (Operating Systems) have a PDF reader built-in and can display PDF files from a URL; Chrome, ChromeOS, Linux, Mac, and Microsoft.

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