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Giphy is Royalty-Free Gifs for Digital Signage


Giphy in Digital Signage is the best way to search, share, discover, and create GIFs on the Internet.

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Giphy in Digital Signage is the best way to search, share, discover, and create GIFs on the Internet. The content on the website, app, and API is all of the best and most popular GIFs on the web, along with content created by talented GIF artists and world-class brands. 

All the materials you find and use in your digital signage content from Giphy are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about who owns the rights. If you are using materials from Google or generally from the internet you may find materials that are protected and therefore not for free use.

GIPHY is not just GIFs… it’s Stickers, Arcade, Video, and much more. Every day, GIPHY is serving 10+ billion pieces of GIPHY content to a daily user reach of 700+ million people.
  • Types – Choose between transparent stickers or regular GIFs
  • Resize – Change element size
  • **Opacity –**Change element transparency

How to find the right GIF

Find the GIF you are looking for by searching a term or set of terms in the search bar. We automatically return results based on the relevance of the term you searched. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, add some more specific terms to the end of your search. Toggles can also be useful to help find what you’re looking for. Use the Newest toggle to sort your GIF results by the day they were added.

Why can’t I add content on top of a GIPHY element?

To be able to render stickers and GIFs we need to treat them as top layer elements in your content. That means the stickers and GIFs will always be on top of all other content.

What happens if I have multiple layers of stickers or GIFs?

You can add stickers on stickers and GIFs on GIFs, but because the stickers and GIFs are top layer elements you can’t control which one of them is on top of the other.

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