Author Lars
Published on July 6, 2020

Stream, Timeline, Background Music and Multi-Language Digital Signage

In this post, we introduce Stream, a reworked timeline, background music support in slides, and multi-language support.


Stream plugin is LIVE streaming based on one of the best-known streams in the world. Stream uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol offering to easily add live streaming to your content.

Stream plugin for Digital Signage

Stream plugin can be used to display TV channels from IPTV providers or live feeds from IP cameras if they support HLS format.


We have reworked the way you schedule your content throughout the day, week, month, etc. You were asking for a more visual way of seeing what content would play at what time, so we’ve added a timeline.

The timeline is LIVE, it displays all your schedules as well as the result. You can zoom in on December 24th to see what is going and even further if you wanna see what’s going on December 24th at 6 PM.

We think you’ll love the new timeline and hope that it can make workflows even easier.

Background Music

You can add background music to your playlists, you can add streaming radio using TuneIn, you can add streaming music based on moods using Cloud Cover Music and now you can even add background music to individual slides.

Depending on how your content is structured this offers you a way of limiting your background music to only specific slides. In addition, you could play around with speech and sounds to draw your audience to your screen’s content.

Show me how?


Play Digital Signage has originally incorporated in Denmark almost 8 years ago and then moved and incorporated in the United States in 2018, but we have always had a great portion of European customers so it comes naturally to add more supported languages.

What Multi-Language Digital Signage did we add?

Since January 2020 we have added Spanish, German, Estonian and we are currently working on adding French and Italian.

If you think we should add your language please reach out!

Until next time.