Author Lars
Published on September 18, 2019

Two-Factor Authentication, Embed HTML Code and Count Up

We’re introducing HTML Snippets and Count Up functionality with release 1.16. Additionally, our web portal now supports Two-Factor Authentication with apps like Google AuthenticatorAuthyDuo, and many more.

Two-Factor Authentication

We’ve added Two-Factor Authentication functionality to our web portal.

Two-Factor Authentication

We recommend that all our users enable it as it drastically reduces the risk of your account getting compromised by hackers. You can enable it up by going to your profile page and scanning a QR Code with an app like Google AuthenticatorAuthy, or Duo. Once you enable this feature, you will be asked for a 6-digit code from your authenticator app as an additional step in the login process. See the support page on login methods for more information on Two-Factor Authentication.

Custom Plugins with HTML Snippets

Throughout the years, we’ve added more and more plugins offering users ways to display social content, weather forecasts, and more. With the latest release, you can make your own custom plugins using HTML Snippets. We added an HTML Snippet option to our already existing Website Plugin that makes it possible to embed custom content made out of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code.

This functionality opens up many new opportunities for customizing your content just the way you like it. You can create your own snippets or you can find snippets from various providers offering both free and paid HTML plugins.

In our support section for the Website Plugin, you will find examples and links to providers like Elfsight, which offers a lot of awesome HTML plugins.

Using HTML snippets you can easily display custom Pricing tables, testimonial sliders, Google maps, WhatsApp Chats, Facebook and Google Reviews, Pinterest Feeds, and more.

Count down is also count up

Count-down will show your audience how many days or how much time is left until a certain event, like a product launch or a corporate party. Now we added count-upCount-up can show how much time has passed since something happened or perhaps didn’t happen. Let’s say you want to show your workers how many days have passed since a worker had an accident, you can do that with count-up.

More information on how the count-up function can be found in our support section for the Counter Plugin.