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Content Synchronization aligns content in Digital Signage

Content Synchronization

With the Synchronized option turned on, all the screens in the same group synchronize the playback of a playlist so that the same slide is played on all screens.

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Content Synchronization ensures all screens in a group are running the same content, for example, if you have multiple screens in the same room you want to run the same content.

Where do I find it, -> Schedules

The synchronization feature relies on the media player's clock and schedules each slide to start at the same time for all screens in the particular group. This does not synchronize video frames and only ensures that all screens in the group start the video at the same millisecond. If you want to ensure that all screens play the same video frame at the same time, then the best way to do this is to ensure that the devices show the same signal, you can use an HDMI splitter to split the signal and run it to each TV.

Please note the following when using Content Synchronization,

  • Randomized playlists don’t work as devices would randomize different slides.
  • Sub-playlist slides are also synchronized. The “Continue from previous” option is ignored, sub-playlists will always start from the first slide.
  • Background music is not synchronized, we advise using a single audio source as minor differences in sound are easily perceived by humans.
  • Slide conditions can be used to show different content on screens, but make sure that all screens in the group end up playing the same amount of slides in a playlist loop. If you have 2 screens in your group (let’s call them “Screen A” and “Screen B”), and you want to show a slide only on “Screen A”, then you would create a slide with slide condition. In this case “Screen A” and “Screen B” would have uneven amounts of slides in the playlist loop, so you need to have a slide that’s only shown on “Screen B” as well.

Can I use sub-playlists when synchronizing content?

Yes, sub-playlists work with synchronizing content.

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