Author Lars
Published on August 15, 2019

Remote Control of Screens and More

Play Digital Signage team had a very productive summer and finally released a feature that most of you have requested: remote player configuration. Besides that, we’ll cover a few other minor features that we released this summer.

Remote Control of Screens

Until now certain settings were only local for the player, so to change these settings, you needed to change them on the device itself, often being physically present.

In the latest release (1.15.0), we’ve made these settings remotely accessible on our web portal. We have also added some extra information to give you a better understanding of the player device and its configuration, such as resolution, operating system, and ability to see the local time on the device.

Remote control your digital signage player

Download progress

Usually, when you publish new content you see the blue bar at the top of your TV indicating how far the download is. Now, you can see a download progress bar in your web management panel as well.

New authentication system

On Monday, August 19th, we’re moving to a new authentication system that will help us better manage users and also handle social logins from several platforms. All existing users and passwords won’t change (your password is hashed with bcrypt, we never store sensitive information in plain text), however, the login page will be hosted on a different domain. If you use a password manager, it may not auto-fill the fields on the first time. The transition to a new system will take a couple of hours. We have put in a lot of effort to make the transition smooth and backward compatible so outages are not expected.

Payment system

If the payment is rejected for 14 days, the system will block the account (blocked accounts can only access the billing page). Now you can update card and initiate payment for unpaid invoices yourself in the transaction history. The system will automatically unblock your account if you no longer have unpaid invoices, so this shaves off time to get your account unblocked.

We want to make sure your journey with Digital Signage is just as easy as imaginably possible.