Author Lars
Published on August 26, 2020

Public API, tags and Multi-Team Membership

We’re excited to launch yet another big release with some interesting functionality like our brand new Public API.


In our latest version, we’re introducing tags, which enable you to set up alternative scenarios involving some or all of your screens. Tags can be used to temporarily take over the screen content for a specified duration.

Tags and Public API for Digital Signage

For example, you could create an emergency playlist that would instruct people to evacuate immediately. In case of an emergency, you can activate the tag with just a few clicks.

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Public API

Are you looking for a solution where you can control the content on your screens using your own machine interface? This opens up new possibilities of integrating screens with security systems, RFID tags, facial recognition software or even emergency systems to programmatically activate tags.

More about our Public API

Public API documentation

Multi-Team Membership

In some cases, you might need multiple teams to best manage your organization’s screens and their content.

Especially larger organizations can benefit from using multi-team membership either because of the number of screens, locations, venues, or because they require one team per country.

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Small tweaks

The web portal is now also available in Italian, Portuguese and French.

Weather plugin accuracy was improved.

Time & Date plugin design options improved.

Until next time.