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Multi Create slides in your Digital Signage

Multi Create

If you already have image files you want to create slides from (say you uploaded a PowerPoint or PDF file), creating the slides one by one is very tedious.

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By selecting several assets in the assets dialog, you’ll see a button “Create slide per asset”. Upon clicking the button a similar dialog appears where you can specify the duration and transition effects for each slide. Under the advanced section you can also customize the background color and scaling:

  • Slide Duration - Set the slide duration
  • Transitions - Set the transition for the slides
  • Advanced  ->. Scale to fit – Scales each image until one the width or height reaches the slide edge. If your images are in the same aspect ratio as the playlist, the images will fill the slides. If the images are in a different aspect ratio, then either the width or height is not filled.
  • Advanced  ->  Scale to fill – Scales each image until both width and height cover the entire slide. This option fills the entire slide, however, if the image and playlist aspect ratios differ, the image might be scaled outside the visible area of the slide.
  • Advanced  ->  Slide Background Color - Set the background color for the slides
  • Slide Conditions  ->  Add slide conditions to the slides

Can I change the background color when adding multiple slides?

Yes, when you've picked out your images, you'll see an options pop-up box, here you can make choices on how slides are added and how images are positioned.

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