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Plugins for Digital Signage


Weather, Ticker, Clock, Video Input, and more

These are all the different plugins we call native, even though some of them have a connection to 3rd. Party services like the weather.

Video Input

Video Input for Digital Signage can be used to show content from an external source, it can be a live TV feed, Xbox gaming console output, office computer ..

Video Input for streaming on Digital Signage


It’s super simple and you can edit several things like color, size, background, etc. If you are looking for a date and time please check out this plugin: Date and ..

Clock Plugin for Digital Signage

Time & Date

With Date and Time in Digital Signage, you can display the current date and time in various formats. We tried to create a plugin that is as flexible as possible ..

Time and Date Plugin for Digital Signage


With our Weather in Digital Signage, you can easily display a forecast or today’s overview in your content. This page will give an overview of how the plugin ..

Weather Plugin for Digital Signage


Countdown in Digital Signage is for counting down days to your product launch or counting days since your last work accident. With this plugin, your screens ..

Countdown and Countup Plugin for Digital Signage


With our Ticker in Digital Signage, you can add moving text to any slide. This ticker, not to confuse with our RSS ticker, displays static text and needs no sources ..

Ticker Plugin for Digital Signage

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day in Digital Signage is an awesome plugin adding motivating and interesting content to your slides to make them stand out a bit more. Using ..

Quote of the Day Plugin for Digital Signage

Today in History

Today in History in Digital Signage will display events that have taken place on this day in history. You can use it to spice up your content with interesting facts ..

Today in History Plugin for Digital Signage
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