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Library and Files for Digital Signage

Basic Elements

Text, Shapes, Images, Video and more

Basic elements are all the design elements you use in your content, adding text, shapes, images, etc.


Text can be added to any slides in your playlists and works very similarly to Word, PowerPoint, and other cloud-based editors offering text.

Text for Digital Signage


Adding Images is easy. You can add images from your library or you can add images from our Royalty-Free content providers, Unsplash and Pixabay.

Digital Signage Support Page for Images


Shapes in digital signage are objects used for designing content as well as icons and emojis that you can use throughout your content to create a specific mood or feeling.

Shapes for Digital Signage


Video in Digital Signage can either be added from your library, or the royalty-free provider Pixabay. Video is not to be confused with Youtube as Youtube is ..

Video for Digital Signage


The Library in Digital Signage is where all your assets (Images, Video, Fonts, etc.) are kept, you can use these files when designing slides, adding background ..

Library and Files for Digital Signage


With element animations, you can add entrance and exit animations to individual elements in the slide. You can animate images, text, shapes, and some plugins ..

Animations for images, shapes and text in digital signage


We have a whole library of professionally designed digital signage templates for you to choose from when you create a playlist and they can all be edited to ..

Free Templates for Digital Signage


Playlists in Digital Signage are at the core of your content. Each playlist consists of one or more slides, and you can also put playlists in playlists to create different ..

Playlists in Digital Signage


Groups in Digital Signage can have one screen or a collection of screens that play the same content. Groups connect your content with your screens, you ..

Groups and Schedules for Digital Signage


Slides in Digital Signage are the building blocks for your playlists. Slides can contain a single image or you can combine several images, videos, and plugins ..

Slides in Digital Signage


With Scheduling in Digital Signage, it’s super easy to do scheduling throughout the day as well as for specific events, holidays, and so forth. Adding schedu ..

Scheduling in Digital Signage
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Get started designing your content

Most people think designing content for digital signage is super difficult, but if you can use Powerpoint, you can also create and design your own content in our editor.

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