Embedding Google Slides

To include a presentation from Google Slides you have 2 options:

Publishing presentation to web

This is the recommended method for importing as it maintains that presentation animations slide transition remain working. Also if you edit the slide, the changes will be automatically published to players.

  1. Select File -> Publish to web…
  2. Select “Embed” tab
  3. Set desired slide duration and make sure both check-boxes are checked
  4. Copy the URL between src attribute quotes
  5. In Play editor add a new website and paste the URL

Embedding google slides

Exporting as PowerPoint

Use this approach if you wish to move presentation maintenance to our system. Beware however that once imported in our system, each slide will be converted to an image, so you can not edit text after importing.

  1. Export the presentation as a PowerPoint .pptx file (File -> Download as…)
  2. Upload the .pptx file from Play. Library
  3. In the editor click “Assets”
  4. Mouse-over image you want to select and you see a small checkbox appear on top-left corner. Click it!
  5. Now you’re in multi-select mode, select slides in the order by just clicking on them
  6. Select option “Create slide per asset”
  7. Set duration and transition for all slides
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