What are assets?

Assets are the files you have in your library. You can upload images, pdf, PowerPoint, videos, etc. And use all of these assets in your content.

When you open assets (From the editor) you can use the + Upload to add new images, video, etc.


Even though we do support lots of file types most of the files are converted to something useful for your content. PNG and Jpeg are the most commonly used files and are very suitable for digital signage content.

Read more about how to use images in your content.


As with images you can naturally use video in your digital signage content and just like images you can upload almost any video format and not have to worry about the format as we automatically will convert any video to something that will work great in your digital signage content.

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Supported File Types

We support most file types and in addition, we convert any file type that is not optimized for digital signage.

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