Slide background musicSlide Background Music

Slide background music makes your content a bit more interesting, why not capture more senses and set the scene of your playlist with background music. You can add music to playlists or to slides.

You can add audio files or multiple audio files in your slides. Simply open your assets, find and add your audio files just as if you were adding a photo or video.

When you add a audio file in a slide you’ll notice that the box has a dashed border, meaning the icon and text is not displayed on your TV.


What type of audio files are supported?

We recommend using .mp3, however .wav .ogg .m4a and .flac files are also supported, but converted to .mp3

Can I play multiple audio files on a slide?

You can add multiple audio files in a slide and they will all play at the same time.

Can I play music in a playlist?

Yes, you can either add your background music per slide or per playlist, to add background music to a playlist go here: Background Music

Is it possible to play Internet radio streams?

We don’t have support for the radio streams in a plugin, but if the stream can be played in a browser (typically .m3u8 or .mp3 file or TuneIn radio stream – see below), then it is possible to integrate it with a website plugin. Now the stream would only play when that slide with the website plugin is shown, but we want it to play during the entire playlist. If you already have a zoned playlist, you can add the website plugin to the Master playlist (the one that has only 1 slide with “Play forever” duration). If you don’t have a zoned playlist, you can create a Master playlist with 1 slide (set the duration to “Play forever”), then add the website plugin on it and then add a sub-playlist (the original playlist that you want to play). The sub-playlists will be displayed on top of the website plugin containing the Internet radio stream, but you can also move the plugin off the canvas completely. Check out our zoning guide for more info if terms like “Master playlist” and “Sub-playlist” are new to you.

TuneIn radio is a web service that catalogs various radios and makes them stream-able via their website. Chances are, you will find a suitable stream in their listings.

  1. Find a radio channel that you want to embed from their website and copy the URL. In this example we’ll be using triple j radio:
  2. Paste the URL into embed code generator
  3. The generator outputs HTML code for website embedding, but we only need the URL. Copy the URL inside the src parameter of the HTML code, the URL should look like this now:
  4. Append ?autoplay=true to the URL so it would start playing automatically. The URL looks like this now:
  5. You can use this URL in the website plugin now!

TuneIn radio station embedding