Using PowerBI plugin

You can find the PowerBI plugin in our editor under the “Plugins” submenu. Once you’ve added it to a slide, you need to authenticate with Microsoft and grant our app permissions to read the PowerBI data.


  • Alignment – Maximize, left, center, right, top, middle, right, and lock
  • Workspace – Choose which workspace the report is in.
  • Resource – You can select a report or a dashboard to show that is in the workspace.
  • Refresh interval – periodically refresh the report.


How long does the plugin remain authenticated?

Our plugin periodically refreshes the authentication session and extends it up to 90 days that is the maximum time possible in PowerBI API. If the plugin has not been shown in the last 90 days, you have to authenticate by adding the plugin again.

Why can’t I find my report or dashboard in the resource options?

In order to show a resource, it must be assigned to a workspace. Resources that are not in a workspace can’t be shown by our plugin.