This guide will walk you through using the Twitter plugin and also provide you a couple of alternative solutions for displaying Twitter feed in your digital signage content.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


There are 3 configuration options for content:

  • User’s profile timeline
  • User’s likes timeline
  • User’s list timeline (see using lists)

The plugin has transparent background so you can easily put it on top of other content. Due to limitations imposed by Twitter API, the widget can only be scaled up to 1200 pixels.

Third party twitter apps

You also have the option to use third party plugins and embed them to your content as websites. Here are a few 3rd party widgets which will work well in your playlists.

  • Tweetwally is our favorite pick as it has fewest quirks when comparing to other integrations. Just connect your twitter and you will get a designated sub-domain for your wall. Check out the demo.
  • Activitywalls is perhaps the simplest way to get started with your custom wall. However, to display the wall, you need to sign in with twitter. This means that you would also have to sign in to twitter from your digital signage player. See demo.
  • The Wallrus offers unique way to display a customized twitter search result. To display a wall, you need to sign up and beware that free version features their advertisement from time to time. Furthermore, the wall does not work in our web previewer & Android app due to iframes being blocked (see why?). On the other hand, Chrome,Windows and OS X players work just fine. See demo.

If you know other cool twitter widgets, let us know – we’d like to feature them here!