This guide will walk you through using our Twitter plugin.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


What do you want to display?

There are 2 options for what content the plugin displays:

  • Timeline of user profile
  • Hashtags

The plugin has a transparent background so you can easily put it on top of other content. Due to limitations imposed by Twitter API, the widget can only be scaled up to 1200 pixels.

When displaying the timeline of the user profile you simply input the user name in Username. If displaying hashtags you can input one or more hashtags.

Font – Here you design your font type, color, etc.
Alignment – You can set the text to alignment to the left, center right, or justified.
Update Interval – This is where you set the time between tweets. If set at 5 sec., the tweet will switch every 5 sec.
Tweet count – Let’s say you only want your latest 10 tweets displayed, setting this will make sure of that.
Font zoom – Font too small or to big, simply adjust the size here.
Show time ago – On or off displaying when the tweet was published.
Show retweet and like count – On or off displaying retweet tags as well as likes.