Author Sander
Published on October 10, 2017

Introducing weather & Twitter plugins

We are happy to announce two new plugins and real-time notifications this month!

Weather plugin

The most requested plugin is now integrated with our editor, so you can position and resize the plugin in any way you want. Out of the box, the plugin has a standard layout. However we made it highly customizable, so you can ungroup the plugin into individual components and position (or remove) them any way you want (as in the two examples above). Currently, we offer 3 themes but we are going to implement more icon sets in the future.

Todays weather or the weather forecast for digital signage content

You can combine it with any of the fonts in our library or upload your own. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Weather data

We have chosen to provide the weather data for us; their forecasts are derived primarily from the GFS 13KM model. People at Weatherbit are moving weather forecasting to new levels: back-filling correct data models, applying statistic methods, and correcting for factors, such as elevation.


Twitter makes it possible to display 4 different timelines:

  • User profile
  • User likes
  • User list
  • Tweets by hashtag

Check out our Twitter plugin tutorial where we also endorse third-party apps for integrating Twitter with your digital signage solution.

Real-time notifications

With this update, we’ve also added real-time notifications. Now you will get instant feedback about your screens on the following scenarios:

  • Screen connected (online)
  • Screen disconnected (offline)
  • The playlist was published (after pressing publish)
  • Publishing failed (mostly because the screen was offline)