Author Sander
Published on June 16, 2023

Twitter plugin discontinued

We are sad to announce that we’ve had to remove the Twitter plugin from Play Digital Signage plugins. This change is a result of Twitter changing their API pricing. We do not feel the new pricing model is reasonable looking forward.

Having invested in improving our Twitter plugin over the years, it is painful to see all that work go to waste, but we are not an exception here, but one of a series of Twitter apps that has stopped working due to the pricing change. If the Twitter plugin is absolutely essential for your signage, we may be able to make it work with your API keys, reach out to us using the Live Chat, and let’s figure it out.

Plugins already in use

If you already have a Twitter plugin in your playlist and a screen showing it, it will continue working as we have the data cached in our servers, however, there will be no new tweets that will be shown.