Facebook Post

Facebook post plugin displays posts of any public Facebook page feed one at a time. This article covers the how the plugin works and some customization options.

Watch the demo in our preview player.

Custom background

You can specify the background color of the plugin in the settings, however by leaving the color transparent you can position any image behind the Facebook widget to use as a background.

Like counter threshold

The plugin will display the number of likes a post has, however you may not want to show the number of likes if it’s very low number or if the post has 0 likes. The threshold specifies how many likes the post must have for the counter to display. If you wish not to display likes at all, simply set it to a high number, such as ‘99999’. If the post has less likes than specified by the threshold, the post is still displayed, just the amount of likes is not visible.

Font zoom

You can select any font for the plugin, or even upload your own font. The problem with fonts is that even for the same pixel size they can have different visual size depending on the font characteristics (f.x thick fonts vs thin fonts). Font zoom option addresses this issue by allowing you to fine-tune the font size depending on which font you are using.

Post layout

Post layout defines how the post description and image appear. There are 4 options:

  1. Normal (text on the left, image on the right)
  2. Reverse (image on the left, text on the right)
  3. Alternate (each odd post is in normal, even posts are in reverse)
  4. Random (randomly chooses between normal and reverse)
Normal facebook post layout

Normal layout

Reverse facebook post layout

Reverse layout

Portrait and landscape mode

The plugin will automatically determine if it should be in portrait or landscape mode. If the width is greater than the height, it’s in landscape, otherwise in portrait mode.

Landscape mode for facebook post plugin

Landscape mode

Portrait mode for facebook post plugin

Portrait mode


I don’t see any pages in the drop-down?

Facebook only allows us to display content only from pages where you are an administrator. If you don’t have administrator role for the page, first step is to contact the page owner on Facebook and ask them to grant you administrator role. When you have the role, you must grant us the “pages_read_engagement” (so we can access the page posts) and “pages_read_user_content” (so we can access like count on the page posts) permissions (permissions are requested when you click the “Log in with Facebook” button) for the page so our app can display page posts on your behalf.

This page shows how to manage page roles on Facebook.

We don’t post anything to Facebook.

How many posts are displayed?

The plugin will load 50 most recent posts and will cycle through them.

How often are the posts updated?

The plugin will load posts from Facebook every time the slide with the plugin is displayed. In addition if your slide duration is more than 30 minutes, the plugin will check for new posts on Facebook every 30 minutes.

What happens to posts with video?

The plugin will show a thumbnail image (generated by Facebook) of the video instead.

Do I need to log in with Facebook in the player as well?

You only need to log in with your Facebook account in our web editor so you can search for Facebook pages.

Why is it no longer possible to display any Facebook page? 

In October 2019 Facebook changed it’s policies and revoked our application access for permission “Page Public Content Access“. This means that our application can no longer request public content from any Facebook page (our use case of displaying posts no longer meets their allowed usage criteria).  We now have to ask for “manage_pages” permission from you, and are only able to display the content for pages that you are an administrator of. If you don’t have administrator access to the page, the only way is to ask the page owner to grant you the rights.

If you have published a Facebook plugin prior to 23 October 2019 (when our permission was revoked), then your plugin will continue working, but it does not receive any new posts. If you have administrator rights to the page you want to show, please remove the plugin from editor canvas and add it again.