Facebook Photo for Digital Signage

Facebook Photo for Digital Signage

The Facebook Photo for Digital Signage gives you a way to display all the photos from your Facebook page. Imagine it like a photo frame with your favorite Facebook photos. You can choose a specific folder or simply go with your feed, and like any other plugin on Play, you can style it just the way you want it.

Finding the Facebook Photo plugin

Finding Facebook Photo for Digital Signage

When logged in, find the playlist you want to add it to, open the playlist and you find the Facebook Photo plugin under social plugins.

See it in action

Find it on Youtube,


  • Border width – By setting a border width, each individual photo will have a margin. Combine that with a background color, and you can add a frame around each photo for a unique mosaic look.
  • Columns – The photos are organized in equal-width columns, adding more will make each column smaller.
  • Border width – Adds a border to each photo in the grid. We suggest choosing either black or white.
  • Update interval – Defines how often the photos are moved.



I don’t see any pages in the drop-down. Link

Facebook only allows us to display content only from pages where you are an administrator. If you don’t have an administrator role for the page, the first step is to contact the page owner on Facebook and ask them to grant you an administrator role. When you have the role, you must grant us the “pages_read_engagement” (so we can access the page posts) and “pages_read_user_content” (so we can access like count on the page posts) permissions (permissions are requested when you click the “Log in with Facebook” button) for the page so our app can display page posts on your behalf.

This page shows how to manage page roles on Facebook.

We don’t post anything to Facebook.

How often does the Facebook Photo for Digital Signage​ update photos?

The plugin will load photos from Facebook once when it’s displayed. It will load new photos when the slide is displayed again.

How many photos are loaded?

The plugin will load up to 50 most recent photos and will shuffle them.

What happens to posts with a video?

Facebook Photo for Digital Signage will show a thumbnail image (generated by Facebook) of the video instead.

What is the difference between ‘Photos from feed’ and ‘Timeline photos’?

Timeline photos will contain photos that the page author has uploaded, whereas photos from the feed will extract all photos from the page feed, this includes shared posts and links to articles.

Do I need to log in with Facebook in the player as well?

You only need to log in with your Facebook account in our web editor so you can search for Facebook pages.

I see an error “Failed to connect to Facebook” on Firefox Link

Firefox has two features that protect you from tracking. While this functionality offers privacy undoubtedly, it prevents the browser from loading Facebook API, so our app can not communicate with Facebook servers. First thing is to ensure that is added to the Facebook Container, see the image on the right. After changing the setting you will be logged out, log in again and try adding the plugin.

Firefox add site to container

If you still get the error, you can also try disabling Enhanced Privacy Protection and any other tracking or ad-blocking plugins you’re using.

Disable Enhanced Tracking Protection

We don’t track you with the intent to sell or distribute your data, but Facebook will know that you are using our software. To see what information we collect on you and how we use that, please refer to our privacy policy.

Why is it no longer possible to display any Facebook page? Link

In October 2019 Facebook changed its policies and revoked our application access for permission “Page Public Content Access“. This means that our application can no longer request public content from any Facebook page (our use case of displaying posts no longer meets their allowed usage criteria).  We now have to ask for “manage_pages” permission from you and are only able to display the content for pages that you are an administrator of. If you don’t have administrator access to the page, the only way is to ask the page owner to grant you the rights.

If you have published a Facebook plugin prior to 23 October 2019 (when our permission was revoked), then your plugin will continue working, but it does not receive any new photos. If you have administrator rights to the page you want to show, please remove the plugin from the editor canvas and add it again.