What is the Youtube plugin?

With this YouTube-Plugin you can display YouTube videos on your signage displays.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • Video URL – This is where you paste the URL you got from Youtube.
  • Set slide duration to – Use this to set the slide duration to the length of the youtube video.
  • Repeat video – Video will play in a loop if the slide duration exceeds video duration.
  • Show video controls – If turned on, traditional YouTube video control buttons (play, pause, etc..) are shown.
  • Muted – Plays video without sound
  • Captions – If the video has captions available, you’ll be able to select closed captions for the video.
  • Start playing video at – With this option you can skip to a certain position in a video

Tip: You can also embed Vimeo!


What happens when the Internet connection is lost.

If your player did not have Internet connection while the plugin starts, it will not be visible on the slide. If your connection drops while a video is playing, it will display the buffering icon. Being that YouTube content is streamed, we don’t recommend using this plugin if your connection is unstable, instead you can upload the video to our portal. Videos uploaded to our portal will be downloaded by the players and played locally, so Internet connection is not relevant.

Are playlists supported?

Yes, the url will have a parameter &list=<list id> present.

Are live streams supported?

Yes, you can paste the live stream URL as well.

Plugin says ‘Video unavailable’

Certain channels can restrict the videos, so they can be only viewed on Youtube. We’ve observed this restriction with some music videos and it seems to be related to how different channels author/license/copyright the content. Our Windows, Linux and Mac players can work around the issue, however if you’re using Android or Extension, our hands are tied. You can try finding another source for the video or uploading the video to our portal altogether.

Youtube player is not auto starting

Update August 2019:
Google removed the flag from Chrome version 76, on newer versions it is only possible to enable auto-play by starting Chrome with a command-line flag:  --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required

In April 2018 Chrome changed their auto-play policy, unfortunately this directly affects our Chrome extension player (including ChromeOS devices). Our Android, FireOS, Windows and MacOS players are not affected however. To fix auto-play issue on Chrome player, you need to change a setting in the Chrome browser.

ChromeOS device owners: If you already have set up your ChromeOS device in kiosk mode, you can exit the player by moving the mouse to top-right corner and then pressing Ctrl + Alt + S to exit kiosk mode and log in with your google account

Type in following address in the address bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and set the value to “No user gesture is required“. Then our player has sufficient permissions to play YouTube videos Chrome autoplay flag After changing the setting Chrome prompts you to restart it. Once restarted, you can launch Playsignage player extension again and videos should start playing automatically!