Stream for Digital Signage

Stream for Digital Signage

Stream for Digital Signage is LIVE streaming based on the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol (and RTSP on Android), making it possible to easily embed live content in your digital signage. Most commonly the streaming plugin is used for the following scenarios:

  • Display an IPTV channel
  • Display live feed from an IP camera
  • Display a video file

Depending on what kind of content you’re looking to display you might want to check out our Website plugin.

Finding the Stream plugin.

Finding Stream for Digital Signage

When logged in, find the playlist you want to add it to, open the playlist and you find the Stream plugin under social plugins.


  • MIMI type – Choose between MPEG-URL or dash+xml
  • Preload Stream – The player starts loading the stream before it is shown so that when the slide is shown, it will play right away. If the content is a video that you want to play from the beginning, you can disable this option.
  • Muted – Activate to turn sound off

Stream FAQ

Where can I find IPTV channels?

You can find a list of publicly available IPTV channels here:, but there are plenty of sites providing links to channels all around the world.

What does an IPTV URL look like?

It can be hard to find a channel that works with the HLS protocol, but more and more are joining. The format that you should be looking for would look something like this: The URL should always end with .m3u8 and in some cases, you might have to remove whatever is after .m3u8

Please note that when using a paid IPTV channel, we can not guarantee that the channel will work in our plugin. Many paid IPTV subscription services protect their channels with additional authentication or use a different protocol.

What kind of formats do you support?

We only support HLS, if you have RTSP/RTMP, then it has to be first converted to HLS by an encoding server.
Android players support RTSP stream as well