What can it do?

Display Instagram posts matching a hashtag using Instagram Hashtag Grid Plugin for PlaySignage.

Watch the demo in our preview player.


  • Hashtags – Enter up to 5 hashtags that are used to search for photos.
  • Media type
    • Top media  – The popularity is determined by a mix of views and viewer interaction
    • Recent media – Finds posts that are published within the last 24 hours
  • Show likes – Shows the number of likes in the photo caption area.
  • Show comment count – Shows the number of comments in the photo caption area.
  • Columns – Defines how many photo columns are in the plugin.
  • Font zoom – Depending on how big is the plugin area and what kind of font you use, you might want to increase or decrease the font size.
  • Caption lines – If the photo caption text is very long, it may not fit entirely. This option defines the maximum lines of caption that is shown, if the caption is longer, then it’s truncated (trimmed) with ellipsis (…). If you don’t want to show caption at all, just set the value to 0.
  • Caption background – The background color for the caption area. We recommend using a color with transparency for nicer look – the default is white color with alpha (transparency) of 0.5.
  • Border width – Adds a border around each individual photo in the grid. We suggest choosing either black or white.
  • Update interval – How often the photos in the grid are updated.


Instagram is not completely set up?

To use the plugin, your Facebook and Instagram accounts need to be linked. Following steps must be taken:

Unfortunately this is a requirement imposed by Facebook and we can not simplify the process. We recommend going through this setup with Instagram Photo Grid plugin first and get it working – that plugin has ‘Page‘ drop-down where you can see which pages are granted access and if page is not selectable, it is not linked to an Instagram Business account.

Search limit exceeded?

Instagram limits hashtag searches, you can create total of 30 hashtag searches per 7 day window. If you exceed your limit, wait a few days until the quota resets.

How many photos are loaded?

The plugin loads 50 posts that match the hashtag condition.

Are videos supported?

Posts containing videos are not supported, they are skipped.

Hashtag search not working?

Currently there is a bug in the Facebook API that manifests when user has only given granular access to our FB app. The way to work around it is to remove our app integration and add it again, this time checking all the possible boxes and giving full access to our app.

  1. Go to Facebook business integrations:
  2. Find “Play Digital Signage” and remove it.
  3. In our playlist editor click on an Instagram plugin and click “Log out” if you are not logged out already.
  4. Log in again, this time granting access to all pages.

This should  work around the issue until Facebook fixes it properly: