​What is the clock?

Clock imitates an analog or digital clock look and feel. It’s super simple and you can edit several things like color, size, background, etc.

Watch the demo of our Clock in our preview player.


  • Time zone – by default the clock will display time in its local time zone configured by the operating system. If you want to display time in another region, you can change it. You’ll find region names from this page.
  • Seconds hand – hides or shows seconds.
  • Hour numbers – hides or shows hour numbers on the face.
  • Background color – change face background color.
  • Border color – change the color of the border.
  • Hand color – change sets the hand color.
  • Numbers color – change the color of numbers on the face.
  • Hand length – change the length of the hands, this can be useful when changing the font of clock numbers, some fonts can take up more space than others.
  • Numbers font – change the font of numbers on the clock face.
  • Gradient border – toggles border for a gradient style.


Displaying incorrect time?

Often the reason that your player is not showing the correct time is due to time zone being incorrectly configured. Please go over the operating system time zone and region settings and make sure that it’s been set up correctly.