What is Google Sheets in Digital Signage?

The process of Embedding Google Sheets in your digital signage content is as follows:

  1. Make the sheet public by going to File > Publish to web
  2. Copy the link given and add it as a web page in our editor

Embedding Google Sheets - Google Sheets in Digital Signage

Other Google APP’s Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Slides, Google Calendar


Can I embed Office 365 spreadsheets?

Office 365 excel tables can be embedded also with the website plugin. Go to File -> Share -> Embed. You’ll be presented with a window to generate HTML, click on the Generate button, copy the URL inside the src=””┬áparameter of the embed code that is shown.

Can I customize the look and feel of the embedded table?

By default Google does not offer visual customization options, however, you can look into a product called awesome-table for further customization options.

How to display specific cells?

To display specific cell ranges, you have to publish only one page of the document. In the “Publish to web” dialog de-select “Entire document” and make sure only a single sheet is selected.

Google Sheets - Publish to the web

Once you have the page selected, you should see a URL like this:

In this example we’ll use range from cells A1 to D3, so we’ll need to append the URL with a parameter: &range=A1:B2

The final URL that needs to be used in the website plugin becomes: