How does it work

Security Audit Log lets you inspect the history of events related to your team and your user account. This way, you can trace back who did what and easily attribute actions to different users in your team. Additionally, you can see security related events such a login, password reset requests and more.

There are 2 types of audit logs:

  1. User level
  2. Team level

User audit log

User audit log contains history of actions related to your user account. Only you can see it. You’ll be able to find out about login attempts, email changes, passwords changes and more, complete with the exact timestamp and ip address of the computer from which the action was performed.

Security Audit Log for User

Team audit log

Team audit log displays events related to your screens and your content. You’ll be able to see things like who created what playlist, edited what group, invited which member, published which screen and much more. What you see also depends on your role in the team. Users with member level can see the actions only they performed, whereas administrators and owner see the actions of the entire team.

Security Audit Log for Teams


Why can’t I see entries before April 2020?

We added this functionality in April 2020, we did not collect actions prior to that.