Author Lars
Published on April 27, 2020

Royalty-free content, Security Audit Log, and private files!

In this post, we introduce Royalty-Free ContentSecurity Audit Log, and Private Files feature additions.

Security Audit Log

Do you need more insight? Want to know who did what and when? We just launched a Security Audit Log to accommodate increasing requests for audit logging.

With Security Audit Log you can inspect the history of events related to your team and your user account. This way, you can trace back who did what and easily attribute actions to different users in your team.

Audit Log for digital signage

Private Files

Normally when a file is uploaded directly or added via the “Public URL” option, it will be processed by our server and stored on the Internet, so that your browser and the player device can load it as long as there is an Internet connection.

Our server obfuscates the file URL and makes it virtually impossible to guess in an attempt to hide it from others, but sometimes this can go against company policy.

If your organization stores files in a private file server, you can use these files without uploading them to our servers and thus exposing them to the Internet.

More on private files

New Royalty-free Content with GIPHY and Pixabay

We are super excited to launch both GIPHY and Pixabay!

Pixabay is stunning royalty-free images and videos. Pixabay offers more than 1.7 million high-quality images and videos coming from their amazing community. We’re excited to launch

GIPHY is not just GIFs… it’s Stickers, Arcade, Video, and much more. Every day, GIPHY is serving 10+ billion pieces of GIPHY content to a daily user reach of 700+ million people.

That’s all for now!