A group is a collection of screens that should play the same content – you can also think of it as one location. Here’s an illustration of how it comes together.

Groups are used for screens playing the same content

The concept

Each group has a ‘base playlist’ and optional schedules. The group plays base playlist by default and schedules are exceptions to that rule. You can schedule either one playlist or a sequence of playlists to be played at certain times.


How do I move my screen to a different group?

Simply drag n’ drop the screen from one group to another.

How do I add a schedule to a group?

You can click on the “Schedules” button next to a group to open up the schedules for that group, see our scheduling guide!

What is the “Standby” group?

This is simply a group that has a special playlist assigned. The system will use this group in certain scenarios, for example when you delete a group that has screens in it, the screens will be automatically moved to the standby group.

How do I rename or delete a group?

Go to Groups & Schedules and then click Schedules next to the group you want to either rename or delete. Keep in mind you can not remove a group if you have screens in the group.